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1. "Oh, I got totally misquoted saying I can dance like Rihanna. I can't! What I did say is that I enjoy a dance-off with my stepdaughter and her friends."
Author: Anna Maxwell Martin
2. "Silence is not only golden, it is seldom misquoted."
Author: Bob Monkhouse
3. "Don't misquote me as wanting to hurt homosexual people in any way. That would be a dastardly lie."
Author: Carl Paladino
4. "I've been really upset sometimes when I've been misquoted. And it's the one thing they use in big print. Or it's taken out of context. Thoughts are fluid and words are sticky. That's the thing."
Author: Daphne Guinness
5. "I'm the most misunderstood, misquoted person I know, honestly."
Author: Dusty Springfield
6. "I was often misquoted. I was supportive of my managers, even though they all may not think so."
Author: George Steinbrenner
7. "Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted."
Author: Hesketh Pearson
8. "I tend to thrive on being misquoted. It's the only way I sound good."
Author: Jamie Campbell Bower
9. "Journalists have misquoted people for so long - and quoted them out of context that for many people like to have their words on record."
Author: Jason Calacanis
10. "I rarely ever respond to misquotes and wrong information. Plus, it only serves to bring attention to the matter."
Author: Mark Ronson
11. "I've been misquoted a lot, and there's this tendency for people to put on to you how they think you should be or what they think you should feel."
Author: Maura Tierney
12. "Into the breach, then. Against mobs of middle-aged moms and frightening harridans we shall prevail."She nodded sharply, raising an invisible sword. "And damned be he—she—who cries, ‘Hold, enough!'""Misquote Shakespeare in front of Samuel, I dare you," I told her, and she laughed."
Author: Patricia Briggs
13. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. (Technically a misquote, but I like the misquote better)"
Author: Plutarch
14. "In his temptation of Jesus, Satan quoted Scripture, and he didn't remember, misquote anything. God wants his children to eat bread, not to starve before stones. God will protect his anointed one with the angels of heaven. God will give his Messiah all the kingdoms of the earth. All this is true. What is satanic about all of this, though, is that Satan wanted our Lord to grasp these things apart from the cross and the empty tomb."
Author: Russell D. Moore
15. "When people sometimes misquote me, I don't know if they understand what I'm saying."
Author: Tommy Wiseau

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