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1. "As a leader it is your job to protect the missional integrity of the Jesus gathering to which you have been called. It is your responsibility to see to it that the church under your care continues as a gathering of people in process; a place where the curious,the unconvinced, the sceptical, the used-to-believe and the broken, as well as the committed, informed and sold-out come together around Peter's declaration that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God."
Author: Andy Stanley
2. "The cultural distance between our churches and communities continues to widen, making it harder and harder to communicate the gospel. Being missional means moving intentionally beyond our church preferences, making missional decisions rather than preferential decisions. Today, people, churches, and denominations desperately need to apply the lens of intentional missiology to North America, not just international fields. The most effective comeback churches will be those that intentionally think like missionaries in their context."
Author: Ed Stetzer
3. "As I speak for many in the budding new missional church world I have to share that I no longer judge the faithful fervent work of so many pastors who have pastored well but who struggle to find their place in this new world. They deserve to be honored instead of belittled. Without their legacy we would have nothing to build upon."
Author: Hugh Halter And Matt Smay
4. "My first thoughts on Monday mornings are to my fatigue and all I must do, but I must push them into thoughts of Christ, of all he is and all he has done. There lies the vision that compels my will. Then I want to think of the flock God has loaned out to me not as items on a task list but as people made in the image of God, precious and broken and beautiful and sinful, like me. I want to see them as people, not problems. I want to see them not as obstacles in the way of some vague missional purpose but as the missional purpose itself. The minute I begin seeing God's people as problems to be solved (or avoided) is the minute I've denied the heart of Christ."
Author: Jared C. Wilson

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