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1. "... a intervenção é um fenómeno historicamente permanente; sempre existiram formas de intervenção na economia por parte do Estado. O que tem variado é a intensidade e as modalidades dessa intervenção."
Author: Amílcar Amorim
2. "... Likewise, Oscar Wilde asked an English journalist to look over 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' before publication: "Will you also look after my 'wills' and 'shalls' in proof. I am Celtic in my use of these words, not English." Wilde's novel upset virtually every code of late Victorian respectability, but he had to get his modal auxiliaries just right."
Author: Andrew Elfenbein
3. "The poem, for me, is simply the first sound realized in the modality of being."
Author: Charles Olson
4. "On present-day Earth we have the most Christ-like nation in human history, a civilization built on loving kindness and demilitarization. They are being wiped off the face of their homeland. Well, at least the Chinese government isn't blaming Christ or Buddha for their actions against Tibet! But many savage pillagers throughout the past two thousand years have, and the Romans of a thousand years ago fall into that category. Within five hundred years they erased nearly all the nature-based, matriarchal tribes in what we now know as Europe. The invaders falsified history in order to justify their greed. Harmless facts and beautiful rituals were twisted to appear Satanic. Love of the environment and its animals and plants, love of healing modalities that modern day health professionals are now searching frantically to recover, were spin-doctored into demented superstition and turned outlaw."
Author: Doug Ten Rose
5. "„Viata intensa" secatuieste deopotriva trupul si spiritul. Maestri în arta de a gîndi împotriva lor însisi, Nietzsche, Baudelaire si Dostoievski ne-au învatat sapunem pret pe risc, sa nascocim noi suferinte, sa dobîndim existenta prin ruperea de propria fiinta. Iar ceea ce în ochii marelui chinez era simbol al decaderii,exercitiu al imperfectiunii, constituie pentru noi unica modalitate de a ne apartine, de a ne regasi pe noi însine."
Author: Emil Cioran
6. "The world rarely shrieks its meaning at you. It whispers, in private languages and obscure modalities, in arcane and quixotic imagery, through symbol systems in which every element has multiple meanings determined by juxtaposition."
Author: Gregory Maguire
7. "Whatever variety evolution brings forth... Every new dimension of world-response...means another modality for God's trying out his hidden essence and discovering himself through the surprises of world-adventure...the heightening pitch and passion of life that go with the twin rise of perception and motility in animals. The ever more sharpened keenness of appetite and fear, pleasure and pain, triumph and anguish, love and even cruelty - their very edge is the deity's gain. Their countless, yet never blunted incidence - hence the necessity of death and new birth - supplies the tempered essence from which the Godhead reconstitutes itself. All this, evolution provides in the mere lavishness of its play and sternness of its spur. Its creatures, by merely fulfilling themselves in pursuit of their lives, vindicate the divine venture. Even their suffering deepens the fullness of the symphony. Thus, this side of good and evil, God cannot lose in the great evolutionary game."
Author: Hans Jonas
8. "Our souls, shamewounded by our sins, cling to us yet more, a woman to her lover clinging, the more the more. She trusts me, her hand gentle, the longlashed eyes. Now where the blue hell am I bringing her beyond the veil? Into the ineluctable modality of the ineluctable visuality. She, she, she. What she?"
Author: James Joyce
9. "Ineluctable modality of the visible: at least that if no more, thought through my eyes. Signatures of all things I am here to read, seaspawn and seawrack, the nearing tide, that rusty boot. Snotgreen, bluesilver, rust: coloured signs. Limits of the diaphane. But he adds: in bodies. Then he was aware of them bodies before of them coloured. How? By knocking his sconce against them, sure. Go easy. Bald he was and a millionaire, MAESTRODI COLOR CHE SANNO. Limit of the diaphane in. Why in? Diaphane, adiaphane. If you can put your five fingers through it it is a gate, if not a door. Shut your eyes and see."
Author: James Joyce
10. "Sus modales eran refinados y su comportamiento ni excesivamente tímido ni afectadamente franco, con lo cual resultaba alegre, bonita y atractiva, sin llamar la atención de cuantos hombres la miraban y (mi parte favorita) sin hacer vehementes demostraciones de contrariedad o de placer cada vez que se presentaba la ocasión de manifestar cualquiera de estos sentimientos". Porque qué lindo es cuando una mujer no es sobreactuada."
Author: Jane Austen
11. "Banyak orang berpikir bahwa mimpi hanya dapat diraih kala ada uang. Padahal semangat, komitmen, dan kerja keras adalah modal yang paling utama."
Author: Jeffrey Polnaja
12. "Alina era tan poco aficionada a todas esas fruslerías sobrenaturales como yo. A ambas nos encantaba leer y ver una película de vez en cuando, pero siempre nos decantábamos por los misterios corrientes, las historias de suspense o las comedias románticas, nunca por las extravagancias de lo paranormal.¿Vampiros? ¡Puaj! Muertos, y con eso ya está dicho todo. ¿Viajar en el tiempo? Ja, yo prefiero las comodidades domésticas a tener que andar por ahí con un highlander que parece un armario ropero y tiene los modales de un cavernícola. ¿Hombres lobo? Oh, por favor, ¡que memez! ¿Qué mujer va a querer enrollarse con un hombre que está regido por su perro interior? Como si todos los hombres no lo estuvieran de todas formas, incluso sin el gen licantrópico."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
13. "Pensó en Harak y en sus aires de superioridad. En Holdar y sus modales groseros. Y también pensó en Robian y en cómo se había desentendido de ella cuando más lo necesitaba."
Author: Laura Gallego García
14. "Aceasta bucata de creta, de pilda, este un lucru cu o anumita întindere, relativ solid, avînd o forma determinata, culoarea alba si, laolalta cu toate aceste proprietati, avînd-o pe aceea de a scrie. întocmai cum îi apartine acestui lucru faptul de a se afla aici, în aceeasi masura îi apartine putinta de a nu se afla aici si de a nu avea aceasta marime. Posibilitatea ca el sa fie plimbat de-a lungul tablei si de a fi uzat nu este ceva pe care l-am adaugat lucrului prin intermediul gîndirii. El însusi, ca fiind aceasta fiintare, se afla în aceasta posibilitate, altminteri nu ar fi o creta în calitatea ei de instrument de scris. Tot astfel, fiecarei fiintari îi apartine, într-o modalitate care-i e proprie, acest posibil. Acest posibil îi apartine cretei. Ea însasi detine în ea însasi o proprietate determinata prin care este destinata unei anumite utilizari."
Author: Martin Heidegger
15. "Being established in my life, buttressed by my thinking nature, fastened down in this transcendental field which was opened for me by my first perception, and in which all absence is merely the obverse of a presence, all silence a modality of the being of sound, I enjoy a sort of ubiquity and theoretical eternity, I feel destined to move in a flow of endless life, neither the beginning nor the end of which I can experience in thought, since it is my living self who think of them, and since thus my life always precedes and survives itself."
Author: Maurice Merleau Ponty
16. "Viata fara sens este lipsita de speranta.Viata fara speranta este lipsita de crdinta.Odata ce descoperi modalitatea prin care poti sa te implici,vei gasi si sensul vietii tale,iar in consecinta vei fi umplut de speranta si credinta , ce te vor insoti spre viitorul tau."
Author: Nick Vujicic
17. "Negeri Matahari Terbit, negeri Kaisar Meiji itu berseru pada para perantaunya, menganjurkan: Belajar berdiri sendiri! Jangan hanya jual tenaga pada siapa pun! Ubah kedudukan kuli jadi pengusaha, biar kecil seperti apa pun; tak ada modal? berserikat, bentuk modal! belajar kerja sama! bertekun dalam pekerjaan!"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
18. "Akulturasi budaya yang harmonis adalah modal sosial yang harus dijaga dan dikelola dengan baik."
Author: SBYudhoyono
19. "Menjalin persahabatan dengan bangsa lain adalah modal berharga bangsa, pecahkan masalah global di masa depan."
Author: SBYudhoyono
20. "Modal bisa memenjarakan manusia, membuat manusia bekerja tanpa henti dari jam 5 subuh sampai jam 8 malam untuk kekayaan oranglain."
Author: Tan Malaka
21. "Prayers For Rain' begins like practically every Cure song, with an introduction that's longer than most Bo Diddley singles. Never mind the omnipresent chill, why does Robert Smith write such interminable intros? I can put on 'Prayers For Rain,' then cook an omelette in the time it takes him to start singing. He seems to have a rule that the creepier the song, the longer the wait before it actually starts. I'm not sure if Smith spends the intro time applying eye-liner or manually reducing his serotonin level, but one must endure a lot of doom-filled guitar patterns, cathedral-reverb drums and modal string synth wanderings during the opening of 'Prayers for Rain."
Author: Tom Reynolds
22. "Decían demasiadas cortesías ridículas. Pase usted, a sus órdenes, en casa de usted, con su permiso, es propio, puta madre: todos los que según la clase media son los modales de la clase alta."
Author: Xavier Velasco
23. "Tradisi setiap bangsa adalah modal dan warisan abadi yang mengungkapkan kemajuan dan peradaban yang pernah dicapainya. Setiap bangsa pasti memiliki masa lalu sebelum menginjak masa kini; dan membangun masa kini yang kokoh di atas pijakan masa lalu yang kuat."
Author: Yusri Abdul Ghani Abdullah
24. "Komunitas yang bangkit ini tidak berasal dari kalangan militer atau politikus kerana kedua kelompok ini sedang berada dalam bayang-bayang cobaan sehingga tidak mampu berperan lagi di persimpangan sejarah yang kritis ini. Kerana itu hampir semua sisi kesejarahan meniscayakan tanggungjawab dan menawarkan peran bagi kalangan intelektual untuk merekonstruksi khazanah ilmu pengetahuan dan kebudayaan yang diluluhlantakkan serbuan Mongol di Timur dan Sepanyol di Barat. Mereka harus membangun kedua modal itu sehingga kejayaan ilmiah dapat menggantikan kejayaan politik yang hilang akibat bencana perpecahan dan fanatisme golongan yang akut. Keduanya juga diperlukan guna membangun jaring ruhani dan pemikiran yang memelihara eksistensi dan identitas umat Islam dari keruntuhan, erosi dan perpecahan."
Author: Yusri Abdul Ghani Abdullah

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