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1. "Tri-guna appears in discourse of Krishna prominently,To Arjun upon the battlefield of Kurukshetra clearly;That the backdrop for the Bhagwat Gita surely be,All three gunas are held to delude the world clearly:????????????????????????? ???????? ??????????? ?????????? ???????? ?????????? ?.???tribhirgu?amayairbhavairebhi? sarvamida? jagat |mohita? nabhijanati mamebhya? paramavyayam || 7.13||World deluded by these Three Gunas does not know Me:Who beyond these Gunas and imperishable does but be.(7.13)"
Author: Munindra Misra

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Yes,but the news is no different from the drunk in the corner bar:he might have a good story, but that doesn't maen you can trust it."
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