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1. "I ordered each man to be presented with something, as strings of ten or a dozen glass beads apiece, and thongs of leather, all which they estimated highly; those which came on board I directed should be fed with molasses."
Author: Christopher Columbus
2. "I bought a piece of God, ground to dust and mixed with alcohol in a glass bottle the colour of molasses."
Author: Craig Clevenger
3. "We call him Felix. Doesn't hold with titles, do you, Viscount?""A luxury only the titled can afford, I'm sure," said Sophronia."Don't worry, Ria," a molasses voice whispered near her ear. "You will call me Felix, regardless."A fan snapped down between them. "None of that! No vampire would ever be so intimate!" Lady Linette did not hold with obvious flirting. Flirting, yes, but not obvious flirting."
Author: Gail Carriger
4. "One complained of a bad cold in his head, upon which Jonah mixed him a pitch-like potion of gin and molasses, which he swore was a sovereign cure for all colds"
Author: Herman Melville
5. "Lucretia Jane Price. A sweet name for a sweet lady that smelled of roses, spoke with a sweet drawl, and was surely made of all the sweet country things a man who hadn't eaten a good meal in a long time could imagine -- molasses, sweet peas, sweet corn, freshly churned butter."
Author: Linda Leigh Hargrove
6. "We made more money feeding molasses, urea, and corn cobs to cattle than we ever did feeding dent corn."
Author: Orville Redenbacher
7. "I saw them. It was impossible to snitch a sample."He grunted, lowering himself into his chair. "I didn't ask you to.""Who said you did, but you expected me to. There are three of them in a glass case and the guard has his feet glued.""What color are they?""They're not black.""Black flowers are never black. What color are they?""Well." I considered. "Say you take a piece of coal. Not anthracite. Cannel coal.""That's black.""Wait a minute. Spread on it a thin coating of open kettle molasses. That's it.""Pfui. You haven't the faintest notion what it would look like. Neither have I.""I'll go buy a piece of coal and we'll try it."
Author: Rex Stout
8. "Pike put down the cat. He slid from Pike's arms like molasses and puddled at his feet."
Author: Robert Crais
9. "For as long as she can remember, telling stories has been her momma's gift to those around her, fables filled with rich, detailed accounts of gods and monsters, of love and curses. She can weave a tale from Spanish moss and moonlight that will make a young girl's heart resonate with yearning or weep with anguish. Her coastal Georgia roots add a dark sweetness to all her narratives, one that stains her stories with sorrow like a drop of molasses dissolving in warm butter."
Author: Sara Stark

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