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1. "Essay on tragedy.(1) The silence of Prometheus.(2) The Elizabethans.(3) Moliere.(4) The spirit of revolt."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "I'm always keeping an eye out for a period piece. I was trained in theatre, so most of the things we did were classical - Shakespeare, Moliere, and Chekhov."
Author: Dagmara Dominczyk
3. "Nisam vjerovao u slikarstvo za "izabrane". Uvijek sam osjecao da slika mora pobuditi nešto i kod onoga tko je ne obicava inace gledati, kao što Moliere uspijeva nasmijati vrlo inteligentnog covjeka, kao i onoga koji ništa ne razumije. Shakespeare takoder. I u mom radu, jednako kao i u Shakespeareovom, cesto se mogu susresti burleskne stvari, relativno cak i vulgarne.Na taj nacin mogu svakome biti dostupan. To nije zbog toga što bih želio dobrodošlicu publike, vec što želim doprijeti do svakog stupnja mišljenja."
Author: Françoise Gilot
4. "In the literature of France Moliere occupies the same kind of position as Cervantes in that of Spain, Dante in that of Italy, and Shakespeare in that of England. His glory is more than national - it is universal."
Author: Lytton Strachey
5. "Englishmen have always loved Moliere."
Author: Lytton Strachey
6. "The idea was to anger the drama kids, not hurt any of them. I'm not a deer hunter. I decided to prey on their most basic, cherished fear. "This play sucks! No one likes it. Not even the junior high bloggers will review this lame excuse for a Moliere," I yelled, and chucked tomatillos at the stager, over, under, and past the ducking, traumatized performers in French aristocrat costumes."
Author: Sarah Skilton

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