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1. "Trichloroethane. All my extensive testing has shown this to be the best treatment for a dangerous excess of human knowledge... For one flash, mommy had seen the mountain without thinking of logging and ski resorts and avalanches, managed wildlife, plate tectonic geology, microclimates, rain shadow, or yin-yang locations. She'd seen the mountain without the framework of language. Without the cage of associations. She'd seen it without looking through the lens of everything she knew was true about mountains. What shed seen wasn't even a "mountain." It wasn't a natural resource. It had no name. "that's the big goal. To find a cure for knowledge."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
2. "My first child, I think I was completely shell shocked. I was ecstatic but in shock that I was now responsible completely for another life and it was my co-creation and how did I manage that?! I was in awe that I had actually done what millions of other women had done, given birth and now an added responsibility of 'mommy' in my life ahead!"
Author: Kylie Bax
3. "Well, that's just a little hard, since I can't even talk her into sparing your life, huh? You haven't exactly endeared yourself to her. (Kat)Oh, excuse my utter lack of manners there. Should we call Mommy dearest and invite her over for tea? I promise to be on my best manners when I choke the life out of her. (Sin)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
4. "I'm a Mommy's Girl - the strongest influence in my young life was my mom."
Author: Susie Bright

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Quotes About Mommy Life
Quotes About Mommy Life
Quotes About Mommy Life

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