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1. "The amount of currency in circulation is not changing. The money supply is not changing in any significant way."
Author: Ben Bernanke
2. "Oh, that's great. That way, when things have quieted down, and we come up for air, or money, or re-supply, we'll get a nice explosive package from him that says "so nice to see you again" in a way that only multi-megaton yields can.-Captain Tagon"
Author: Howard Tayler
3. "He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation."
Author: James A. Garfield
4. "If we did go into a recession, something that's always possible for the U.S. or Europe, we could lower interest rates and expand the money supply without worrying about the price of gold."
Author: Jeffrey Sachs
5. "I think the Fed is not designed to have effective tools to deal with the economy. It should settle for just controlling the money supply. And - if it insists, it can worry about inflation."
Author: Jeremy Grantham
6. "The oldest problem in economic education is how to exclude the incompetent. A certain glib mastery of verbiage-the ability to speak portentously and sententiously about the relation of money supply to the price level-is easy for the unlearned and may even be aided by a mildly enfeebled intellect. The requirement that there be ability to master difficult models, including ones for which mathematical competence is required, is a highly useful screening device."
Author: John Kenneth Galbraith

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