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1. "And that's all it takes to make you happy? You kill little kids, then go home and wait until it's time to do it all again? What the hell kind of existence is that?"
Author: Brenna Yovanoff
2. "Sammantha: Tucker?Tucker: Does some other man call at this hour just to hear your voice? If so, give me his name, and I'll kill him."
Author: Catherine Anderson
3. "I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man."
Author: Che Guevara
4. "She's here, in front of me. Just my luck. I obsessed about her all night, working out a plan to find her and take her soul. After the disappointment in my kill last night, I knew nothing would satisfy me until I had her.Only her."
Author: Christine Fonseca
5. "The weapon is poison,' Kit said. 'I believe that the cause we carry it in is just, but that will not protect you. It is not only death to those whose skin it cuts; it holds a deeper violence within it. If you carry it-just that, carry it and nothing more-the poison will still affect you. In time, you will grow ill from it, and eventually, inevitably, it will kill you.''It's a sword, Kit,' Marcus said, lifting the green scabbard from it's place. They're all like that."
Author: Daniel Abraham
6. "I advise you against following my example. Don't take up with a man who will die for you. Find one who will kill for you instead."
Author: Donna Thorland
7. "Butler could kill you a hundred different ways without use of his armoury. Though I'm sure one would be quite sufficient."
Author: Eoin Colfer
8. "Literature is communication. Communication requires loyalty. A rigorous morality results from complicity in the knowledge of Evil, which is the basis of intense communication."
Author: Georges Bataille
9. "One day I'll kill him, you know.I glanced at her. She was deadly serious."
Author: Ilona Andrews
10. "You gotta help me get out of here! They're trying to kill me. I'm gonna die. I've got $35,000 missing. Those two women took it. They're trying to kill me. You gotta help me. Cut me loose! Cut me loose!"
Author: Jeannie Walker
11. "Fleas plague you, she says. Swamp skitters can kill you, an a little thorn- so small you hardly notice- it can work it's way unner the skin an bit after bit, yyer hand's infected. Maybe you loose a couple fingers, maybe the whole hand. Maybe yer blood goes bad an you die. Tiny things can cause plenty of trouble."
Author: Moira Young
12. "I lived an idyllic 'Huckleberry Finn' life in a tiny town. Climbing trees. Tagging after brothers. Happy. Barefoot on my pony. It was 'To Kill a Mockingbird'-esque."
Author: Sissy Spacek

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Quotes About Morality In To Kill A Mockingbird
Quotes About Morality In To Kill A Mockingbird
Quotes About Morality In To Kill A Mockingbird

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