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1. "I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, an abnormal decrease of sugar in the blood. Eventually I learned to eat five small meals a day. Now if I'm making a movie and get hungry, I call time out to eat some crackers."
Author: Carol Alt
2. "It's like that Simpsons joke - they're filming a cow in a movie and they go, 'OK, we'll tape a bunch of cats together to make a cow', and it's like, 'Why don't you just use a cow?'. For some reason that is novel - like, 'Oh, my guitar sounds like a piano and now if I can just get my piano to sound like my guitar'."
Author: Ian Williams
3. "I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door."
Author: Joan Crawford
4. "Capra is an old-time movie craftsman, the master of every trick in the bag, and in many ways he is more at home with the medium than any other Hollywood director. But all of his details give the impression of contrived effect."
Author: Manny Farber
5. "Am I invited to this movie night," Sam interrupted to say, "or were you planning to ignore me sitting right here?" "The ignore one," Inés answered, quick as a shot. "My heart is broken." "I bleed for you." "Cruel." "It wasn't my best effort."
Author: Nalini Singh
6. "Making a movie in Hollywood is a bit like playing a board game, where you have to throw a six to start."
Author: Nigel Cole
7. "In every creepy movie ever made, the barn is the prime nesting ground for the things you don't know you're looking for and always regret finding."
Author: Rick Yancey
8. "When I first saw a Fellini movie, I came out of the movie theatre and decided to become a lawyer! I thought to myself, it's impossible to make something so beautiful!"
Author: Roberto Benigni
9. "You know the actor John Garfield? In one movie he walked up to this train station, the ticket booth, and the guy says, 'Yes, where are you going?' And he says, 'I want a ticket to nowhere.' I thought: that's it. The freedom to do that. I want a ticket to nowhere."
Author: Wayne Shorter

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