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1. "Some alters are what Dr Ross describes in Multiple Personality Disorder as 'fragments', which are 'relatively limited psychic states that express only one feeling, hold one memory or carry out a limited task in the person's life. A fragment might be a frightened child who holds the memory of one particular abuse incident.' In complex multiples, Dr Ross continues, the `personalities are relatively full-bodied, complete states capable of a rang of emotions and behaviours.' The alters will have `executive control some substantial amount of time over the person life'. He stresses, and I repeat his emphasis, 'Complex MPD with over 15 alter personalities and complicated amnesic barriers are associated with 100 percent frequency of childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse."
Author: Alice Jamieson
2. "Apparently what I inspired by Kyle Hamilton who was a multiple personalities disorder"
Author: Kelly Oram
3. "Who says I'm not Superman?" You were looking at me with one eye closed against the sun. I shrugged "You would have recued me by now if you were Superman." I said quietly. "Who says I haven't?" Anyone would say you haven't.Anyone's just looking at it wrong then." You pushed yourself up a little, onto your elbows."Anyways, I can't steal you and rescue you. That would give me multiple personalities."And you don't have them already?"
Author: Lucy Christopher
4. "If I have multiple personalities will I taste better to a zombie, or is the effort simply wasted? I've talked it over with myself, and neither of us could agree if that is true or not!!!"
Author: Neil Leckman
5. "Dealing with any man means dealing with multiple personalities."
Author: Rick Riordan
6. "If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?"
Author: Steven Wright
7. "Multiple personalities. Don't freak out but I'm pretty sure I have them. Not a clinical thing, not a disease. But a distraction to be sure. There are maybe six or seven pretty concrete versions of myself knocking around in here and I mean it gets fucking crowded when everybody is drunk or talking at once."
Author: Will Christopher Baer

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Quotes About Multiple Personalities
Quotes About Multiple Personalities
Quotes About Multiple Personalities

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