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1. "I mean, you go to the internet and you can see all these conversations and arguments that our fans have about our music and that's wonderful to know, that people would take the time to be that involved."
Author: Alex Lifeson
2. "Baseball fans! Good lord! I feel like sports fans get mad at you easier than country music fans. It scares me. I'm glad that country fans don't get mad every time I mess up."
Author: Ashley Monroe
3. "We're incredibly excited to be launching Communion in America, where not only are there literally thousands of excellent musicians that we want to promote, but it's also a country full of passionate music fans that we want to feel part of the Communion experience. It's a massive deal for us to expand, and we cannot wait to get cracking."
Author: Ben Lovett
4. "Music was massive from an early age. My parents were huge music fans, especially soul, and they played records in our house all the time, and me and my brother and sister would dance and sing about the living room."
Author: Bronagh Gallagher
5. "Country music fans are extremely supportive. Once they're with you, they're with you for life."
Author: Faith Hill
6. "I feel like my music is just an extension of my acting. I treat the songs like scenes that tell a story... it's very similar. My favorite thing is when cartoon fans show up to my live gigs! They are always the most kick-butt audience members 'cause they're not trying to act all cool like a lot of the music fans do! It's refreshing!!"
Author: Grey DeLisle
7. "A protracted legislative fight will not move us closer to where the music industry wants to be - delivering music to fans through a variety of different, innovative Web sites."
Author: Hilary Rosen
8. "And for REO - they get to play for some Styx fans and then we get to play in front of some REO fans. It helps spread the new music to the following of other bands."
Author: James Young
9. "But there are rock and roll fans all over this continent and all over the globe, really, and we're just set at marking the planet with Styx music until the day we die."
Author: James Young
10. "The Grammy is the highest honor in music that we can receive, outside of having fans come and watch you every night and clap."
Author: Jennifer Nettles
11. "We're all music fans and we just love being in a band, and that's why we do it."
Author: Joel Madden
12. "I would like all my friends, followers, fans and fellow travelers to know that I am fighting cancer and will therefore be taking a break from performing while getting the treatment and cure. I shall of course be continuing to write music - in my world it just has to be part of the therapy - and I fully expect to be back in good shape next year."
Author: Jon Lord
13. "And looking at today's music scene, I think it's cool that there are a lot of consumers and fans not limited by what radio and the record companies tell them to buy."
Author: Juice Newton
14. "I think older people can appreciate my music because I really show my heart when I sing, and it's not corny. I think I can grow as an artist, and my fans will grow with me."
Author: Justin Bieber
15. "I want my fans to love themselves. It's almost like I want to hypnotize them so when they hear my music they love themselves instantly."
Author: Lady Gaga
16. "I love reinventing my music and myself as well, and that's something my fans love about me."
Author: Lil' Kim
17. "I flood the Internet with what I think is quality content. That's why I did things like giving out a song every 100,000 Twitter followers because I am just looking for ways to get my fans to hear all this music without over saturating things."
Author: Mac Miller
18. "I just hope that our fans are people who are inspired by music, and just use our music as a background or inspiration for whatever it is they do."
Author: Maynard James Keenan
19. "A lot of music fans are still interested in insightful perspectives on music - maybe even more interested than ever, since everyone needs help making sense of the incredible variety of sounds that have sprung up in the wake of the Internet revolution. There's a lot of room for unique, qualified voices who can provide good reads."
Author: Michael Azerrad
20. "When you return to the same area a few times, you get that frequent rapport with the public and the fans of the music along with having a certain warmth when you walk onstage."
Author: Natalie MacMaster
21. "I don't want to put my fate in country music fans; I'm too stubborn."
Author: Natalie Maines
22. "I prefer to connect with fans from the stage. Like, I don't have a Twitter page, or anything like that. So for me, that's what the show is about. For me - is a way to interact with fans; being up onstage and showing them, through music - which is all I really know - the best way to say thank you."
Author: Nate Ruess
23. "I guess many game music fans prefer original soundtrack albums."
Author: Nobuo Uematsu
24. "I want to let fans know how much I appreciate them and how much I appreciate them showing interest in our music and me personally."
Author: Randy Houser
25. "I'm a songwriter; that's where it starts. I love writing with someone that shares that same feeling of accomplishment. I'll play music for my fans as long as they'll listen, but I fancy myself as a writer first."
Author: Randy Houser
26. "I just enjoy the sound as I hear it in everything around me. The high and low frequencies of sound bewitch me. Whether I am in a shop, in the bathroom or listening to noise that my fans make... everything is music to my ears and drives me. I just put all these things in rhythm when I'm playing."
Author: Sivamani
27. "I do music for the fans. I want to lift fans up."
Author: Timbaland

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