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1. "Any band that is out there chasing it is doing more destruction to music then someone who is out there playing what they truly feel."
Author: Bret Michaels
2. "Life has no victims. There are no victims in this life.No one has the right to point fingers at his/her past and blame it for what he/she is today. We do not have the right to point our finger at someone else and blame that person for how we treat others, today.Don't hide in the corner, pointing fingers at your past. Don't sit under the table, talking about someone who has hurt you. Instead, stand up and face your past! Face your fears! Face your pain! And stomach it all! You may have to do so kicking and screaming and throwing fits and crying- but by all means- face it!This life makes no room for cowards."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
3. "But an essentially mechanical world would be an essentially meaningless world! Suppose that one assessed the value of a piece of music according to how much of it could be counted, calculated, put into formulas; how absurd such a 'scientific' assessment of music would be! What would one have comprehended, understood, known about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing of what is really 'music' in it!"
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
4. "It may be said with rough accuracy that there are three stages in the life of a strong people. First, it is a small power, and fights small powers. Then it is a great power, and fights great powers. Then it is a great power, and fights small powers, but pretends that they are great powers, in order to rekindle the ashes of its ancient emotion and vanity. After that, the next step is to become a small power itself."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
5. "From a Christian point of view of course we do want a peaceful world, and I think September 11 did actually make people aware not only of vulnerability and how transitory life is, but there are forces of good and honor and justice which speak to us of God and his love for us."
Author: George Carey
6. "Classic music will always come across better on the ice because skating has such a rich history, rooted in tradition."
Author: Gracie Gold
7. "The moment you choose your vision, great confliction comes along. You have confliction even if you don't choose the vision. Our soul grows not by living life within a small confliction, but rather living with big conflictions inside a big vision. A soul with a vision can succeed."
Author: Ilchi Lee
8. "I think I've been afraid most of my life to be myself."
Author: J.A. Redmerski
9. "My outlook on life is so much clearer."
Author: Jason Derulo
10. "In a time like this, let us trust in God even more. To trust when life is easy is no trust."
Author: Joy Kogawa
11. "Mostly, though, I dream of good things...I dream that flowers will bloom in the streets..again and music will play in the...houses and kites will fly in the skies."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
12. "Darwin abolished special creations, contributed the Origin of Species and hitched all life together in one unbroken procession."
Author: Mark Twain
13. "If I had not had music in my life, I would be the neurasthenic vision of the playwright."
Author: Marsha Norman
14. "I didn't have to scramble up and down the ladder from despair to euphoria anymore, trying to convince myself that life was either painful and terrible or joyous and wonderful. The simple truth was that life was both. p 214"
Author: Melody Beattie
15. "I really love music but I've always wanted to act."
Author: Miranda Cosgrove
16. "I said peace is sometimes narrowly interpreted; it's the absence of conflict between nations or something. But peace is more inherent, more basic to human life, human beings, what we feel about each other, what we feel about life around us and what we see in our future."
Author: Muhammad Yunus
17. "I myself have already spent a third of my life in Germany, first in Cologne and then, since 1994, in Berlin."
Author: Olafur Eliasson
18. "Experience life in all possible ways --good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.Don't be afraid of experience, becausethe more experience you have, the moremature you become."
Author: Osho
19. "I want to share my life with you, to bemonogamous with you, and my past is in the past. I wish there was some way I could prove it to you, once and for all. I do have a sordid past, but I've never lied to any of the women I've been with, and I've never promised to anyone the things I promise to you."
Author: R.K. Lilley
20. "The more pores, the more truthfully recorded details of life per square inch you can get on a sheet of paper, the more 'literary' you are... The good writers touch life often."
Author: Ray Bradbury
21. "The wife whose sweetly given reply in the face of any problem would be, "Whatever you think is best, dear." Women, take note: a wife like that never needs to fear bubbling away the last of her life through a cut throat."
Author: Stephen King
22. "The life of the creative man is lead, directed and controlled by boredom. Avoiding boredom is one of our most important purposes."
Author: Susan Sontag
23. "I'm not ready to retire, and I think I have some of the best music of my life coming up."
Author: Terri Clark
24. "I do music for the fans. I want to lift fans up."
Author: Timbaland
25. "I can live a totally normal life and do everything I want to do just as long as I take my medication. My body will give me signals if it gets weak or fatigued, so I know when I need to take a break."
Author: Toni Braxton

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