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1. "He leaned down and kissed my forehead. The soft melody of his lips was calming. I closed my eyes. I could smell his human skin, his human breath, his human hair, and for the first time, I would give anything to be human too."
Author: Alysha Speer
2. "You know how a river goes on and on? That's my love for you."
Author: Beth Kephart
3. "My favorite meal is turkey and mashed potatoes. I love Thanksgiving, it's just my favorite. I can have Thanksgiving all year round."
Author: Cindy Margolis
4. "Along the beach I never collected shells from my father's shore."
Author: Corey Hart
5. "I go back to my desk, flip open my cell, and stare at the keypad. I want to hear his voice so badly, to be connected to him, to ask him why and how and what I can do to make it better. But you can‘t force someone to love you."
Author: Daria Snadowsky
6. "All these people like my mother paying counselors and clinics to reattach them to reality; all of us people here paying Sony and Sega to reattach us to unreality."
Author: David Mitchell
7. "Pain and grief have been kept buried for ages, bred in secrecy and shame, wrapped by an ongoing conspiracy of smiles and well-being. Pain and grief are most healing and ecstatic emotions. Yes, sure, they can be hard, yet what makes them most devastating is the perverted idea that they are wrong, that they need to be hidden and fixed. The greatest perversion I can conceive is the idea that illness and pain are a sign that there is something wrong in our life, that we have unresolved issues, that we have made mistakes. In this world everyone is bound to get ill, experience pain and die. The greatest gift I can give to myself and the world is the joyful acceptance of this. Today I want to be real, I will not hide my pain as well as my happiness. I will not care if my gloomy face or desperate words cause concern or embarrassment in others. I do not need be fed with reassuring words about the beauty of life. The beauty of life resides in the full acceptance of All That Is."
Author: Franco Santoro
8. "I believe that I'm entitled to regard my pre-political life as off-limits in terms of what can be looked at and judged."
Author: George Osborne
9. "Then I noticed that my shadow was crying too, shedding clear, sharp shadow tears. Have you ever seen the shadows of tears, Mr. Wind-Up Bird? They're nothing like ordinary shadows. Nothing at all. They come here from some other, distant world, especially for our hearts. Or maybe not. It struck me then that the tears my shadow was shedding might be the real thing, and the tears that I was shedding were just shadows. You don't get it, I'm sure, Mr. Wind-Up Bird. When a naked seventeen-year-old girl is shedding tears in the moonlight, anything can happen. It's true."
Author: Haruki Murakami
10. "And I have to say, for the record, my favorite line from 'Without A Clue' is after Michael Caine pokes a dead body with a stick and announces to everyone, 'It is my opinion that this man is dead.'"
Author: James Roday
11. "Following Jesse's wonderful advice I will have to change my quote to:If have a sense of humour, you'll love my books; if you don't have a sense of humour, please read my books nonetheless--no matter what you have please just read my books."
Author: Jayde Scott
12. "Of course, for some bizarre reason, we don't have a National Registry of Who Your Friends Are. One would assume that this administration would have thought of that, and rammed it through Congress. It would certainly make my work easier now."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
13. "Were I as base as is the lowly plain, And you, my Love, as high as heaven above, Yet should the thoughts of me, your humble swain,."
Author: Joshua Sylvester
14. "I love coloring books. I keep some by my bed."
Author: Karen Black
15. "I wouldn't marry Giddon to save my life," Katsa said. "Not even to save yours.""Well." Raffin's eyes were full of laughter. "I'd leave that part out."
Author: Kristin Cashore
16. "You're not my real parents, every child has thought. I'm not your real child. But with orphans, it's true. What freedom, to thumb your nose authentically!"
Author: Margaret Atwood
17. "I like criticism, but it must be my way."
Author: Mark Twain
18. "And thus I learned that at Harvard, while knowing a great deal is the norm and knowing everything is the goal, appearing to know everything is an acceptable substitute. I pondered this great truth during the two-hour seminar. I was so buoyed up by it that I didn't pay enough attention to snorkeling up little bits of food in order to keep my nausea under control. I sailed right on into my next class, another seminar, confident that I could get through it without losing my lunch."
Author: Martha N. Beck
19. "I put a lot of pressure to keep working. And when I'm not working, my agent books three auditions a day. I'd rather go to the set and work."
Author: Noureen DeWulf
20. "When that little clock on my wall says "Olaotan! Olaotan!! Olaotan!!! It's half past time to write", I only have three things at my disposal: A pen, A piece of paper, and a crowded mind."
Author: Olaotan Fawehinmi
21. "I made these sonnets out of wood; I gave them the sound of that opaque pure substance, and that is how they should reach your ears. Walking in forests or on beaches, along hidden lakes, in latitudes sprinkled with ashes, you and I have picked up pieces of pure bark, pieces of wood subject to the comings and goings of water and the weather. Out of such softened relics, then, with hatchet and machete and pocketknife, I built up these lumber piles of love, and with fourteen boards each I built little houses, so that your eyes, which I adore and sing to, might live in them. Now that I have declared the foundations of my love, I surrender this century to you: wooden sonnets that rise only because you gave them life."
Author: Pablo Neruda
22. "How did I become this monster…this creature that feasts on the blood of innocents?  I stare at my bloodstained dress and feel nothing but hatred for what I have done.  To know how callously I killed before and felt no regret, now pains me.  I killed before with no remorse.  But tonight…tonight, what I have done is unbearable."
Author: Rhiannon Frater
23. "It's so much work to make a movie, and for me it has to get me off my butt. To get me actually writing you have to strike something inside, you have to hit a power main to get the energy. You have to strike something you care about."
Author: Rian Johnson
24. "I get by with a little help from my friends."
Author: Ringo Starr
25. "I had my first cigarette when I was five," he says, making rings of smoke. "With my mother."
Author: Steen Langstrup
26. "The propounders of what are called the "ethics of evolution," when the 'evolution of ethics' would usually better express the object of their speculations, adduce a number of more or less interesting facts and more or less sound arguments, in favour of the origin of the moral sentiments, in the same way as other natural phenomena, by a process of evolution. I have little doubt, for my own part, that they are on the right track; but as the immoral sentiments have no less been evolved, there is, so far, as much natural sanction for the one as the other. The thief and the murderer follow nature just as much as the philanthropist. Cosmic evolution may teach us how the good and the evil tendencies of man may have come about; but, in itself, it is incompetent to furnish any better reason why what we call good is preferable to what we call evil than we had before."
Author: Thomas Henry Huxley
27. "Then there's Johnny Pesky, hit me countless number of ground balls and improved my fielding so much."
Author: Wade Boggs

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