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1. "People became more interested in my love life than in me, and that has a certain effect. You start to feel very empty and worth nothing, you start to become a piece in a board game you never wanted to play."
Author: Anna Friel
2. "I went to a psychoanalyst. He explained things about my love life that I found very impressive... almost scary."
Author: Britney Spears
3. "You are sweet to be so concerned over my love life, but I've decided only to date guys who have bigger swords than me."
Author: Danielle Monsch
4. "You – you don't really want to hear metalking about my love life, do you?""'No' seems such a flimsy and inadequate little word to express how very little interest I have inhearing you rambling on about that particular topic," said the dragon. "Your mating rituals areroughly as fascinating to me as the eating habits of snails.""Right," said Merlin. "Fair enough."
Author: FayJay
5. "My love life couldn't be more nonexistent if Julius was all all-girls' boarding school with a moat full of alligators around it."
Author: Flynn Meaney
6. "The truth is my love life has been a lot more turbulent than I have let on."
Author: George Michael
7. "When I have to cry, I think about my love life. When I have to laugh, I think about my love life."
Author: Glenda Jackson
8. "My swimming cap was really sprouting leaks these days. The thing is, you could patch over the holes, but it would never be the same. Like my love life."
Author: Helen Salter
9. "Maybe it was time for me to play with the fire. Staying back from the flames hadn't helped me in my love life. I was ready to feel the heat."
Author: J.S. Cooper
10. "My love life since I moved to New York from Chicago has been like a desert. I've had tiny little interactions of love, like finding shallow pools of water to drink from, and then I've moved on, hoping that I've stored enough love and affection and excitement to get me to the next place."
Author: Jami Attenberg
11. "I sacrifice in my love life and my social life, but those things will be there in three or four years. This is a really important time in my life. I can't just be the girl who sang 'I Kissed a Girl.' I have to leave a legacy."
Author: Katy Perry
12. "My love life is like everyone else's - great, and then terrible."
Author: Kevin Eubanks
13. "My love life doesn't stink; it's nonexistent."
Author: Kevin Eubanks
14. "Nice to know I have that effect on boys. I mean, Christopher doesn't even know I exist, and Brandon Stark practically throws up when he sees me. Having my brain transplated into a supermodel's body was doing wonders for my love life."
Author: Meg Cabot
15. "I am amazed about how everyone wants to know about my love life. They whisper to me, 'Tell me the truth? Is it true?' Who cares? Because we have this job, we are to say to everybody what we do, or with whom we sleep? It's a bit absurd, but that's why everybody lies so much."
Author: Penelope Cruz
16. "Tell me there's more to it than just adding water," he said.I gave him a pointed look. "Nope. that's all there is to it."he looked over his shoulder at the doorway that led to the living room, then back at me. "Matchmaking?"I grimaced and nodded."You don't look thrilled.""It's my love life, and everyone treats it like it's a community project."
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
17. "I think I'm too cynical for L.A. My sense of humor doesn't go down well here, which probably affects my love life. I need to have a laugh track following me around so people know I'm trying to be funny."
Author: Teddy Thompson

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Quotes About My Love Life
Quotes About My Love Life

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