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1. "Never get involved. That's my motto. I hurt no one. And no one can hurt me."
Author: Adeline Yen Mah
2. "My very best friend died in a car accident when I was 16 years old. That was the hardest blow emotionally that I have ever had to endure. Suddenly, you realize tomorrow might not come. Now I live by the motto, 'Today is what I have.'"
Author: Amber Heard
3. "Here's kind of my motto - if you're not happy at home, you're not happy anywhere else."
Author: Angie Harmon
4. "Of course, my motto is still, 'Work is work, private is private.'"
Author: Ayumi Hamasaki
5. "Guys won't admit it, but we're all obsessed with our biceps. I did three sets of ten reps, thirty-five pounds on each side. I knew I was pushing it, especially since we have practice this afternoon, but what the fuck. That was going to be my motto today. What the fuck."
Author: Carolyn Mackler
6. "JAKE BAKER JOINING THE UNION ARMY IN NEW ORLEANS"I'd prefer to be back in Texas, taking aim at the Rebs..., but I just can't do that," said Jake. ..."So, I'll just do what I can do, I guess.""I suspect that goes for all of us," said the Colonel. "Maybe we should make that the unit's motto. 'The First Texas Cavalry of the United States of America: We'll just do what we can do, we guess.' It does have a ring to it, but I expect that we need somethin' a bit more inspirational and less true."
Author: Charles Phillips
7. "My motto is: Contented with little, yet wishing for more."
Author: Charles Lamb
8. "A lot of my humor does come from anger. It's like, you're not gonna pull one over on me - which is pretty much my motto anyways."
Author: Courteney Cox
9. "So my motto would be, 'Be careful,'cause there's always someone ready to step into your shoes ... and do your job better ... than you ... do it."
Author: David Brent
10. "I never do any television without chocolate. That's my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I'm a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It's amazing I'm so slim."
Author: Dawn French
11. "My motto in life is 'If you think it, you can do it' and if we all apply that thought we can end hunger the world over."
Author: Dionne Warwick
12. "My motto is that the audience should notice the actors, not the clothes."
Author: Edith Head
13. "Provide for her Future—if you can!—That's my motto!—But a man's just a plain bum who don't provide for his own Past!"
Author: Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
14. "Being yourself is one of the hardest things because it's scary. You always wonder whether you'll be accepted for who you really are. I decided to call my record 'Inside Out' because that's my motto about life. I don't think you ever succeed at trying to be anyone else but who you truly are."
Author: Emmy Rossum
15. "HOGAN-No, I wouldn't think it, but my motto in life is never trust anyone too far, not even myself."
Author: Eugene O'Neill
16. "Forward momentum. That's my new motto. No regrets. And no going back."
Author: Gayle Forman
17. "I'm gonna party, see how intoxicated I can get and how many rules I can flaunt. That's my motto."
Author: H.G. Bissinger
18. "My motto is strong packaging, clear addressing."
Author: Halldór Laxness
19. "It's my motto for life. 'Walk slowly; drink lots of water."
Author: Haruki Murakami
20. "How did you get back?' asked Vautrin. 'I walked,' replied Eugene.'I wouldn't like half-pleasures, myself,' observed the tempter. 'I'd want to go there in my own carriage, have my own box, and come back in comfort. All or nothing, that's my motto.''And a very good one,' said Madame Vauquer."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
21. "And don't get hurt,' [Dexter] added. 'There's no one to help you up there. And don't go stirring up a lot of trouble for us. This case isn't ripe yet. Until it is, our policy with Mr Big is 'live and let live'.'Bond looked quizzically at Captain DexterIn my job,' he said, 'when I come up against a man like this one, I have another motto. It's 'live and let die'."
Author: Ian Fleming
22. "When we go on about the big things, the political situation, global warming, world poverty, it all looks really terrible, with nothing getting better, nothing to look forward to. But when I think small, closer in-you know, a girl I've just met, or this song we'regoing to do with Chas, or snowboarding next month, then it looks great. So this is going to be my motto - think small."
Author: Ian McEwan
23. "Guilty, Your Honor, but only of minor transgressions. My motto is, 'Let no girl, no gun, no cards, no violins, no dress, no tobacco, no laziness keep you from your books."
Author: Irving Stone
24. "My motto - sans limites."
Author: Isadora Duncan
25. "'Adapt and overcome' is my new motto."
Author: Jack Osbourne
26. "I design, manufacture, distribute, and sell elevator buttons. I specialize in the fourth floor. And I don't mean to brag, but I'm such a good salesman that I could sell one of my fourth-floor elevator buttons to the owner of a three-story building. I'm also into jazz. I make elevator music in my free time. My motto in life: You can't push my buttons if you don't buy them."
Author: Jarod Kintz
27. "Eat, drink and remarry is my motto."
Author: Jay McInerney
28. "No matter how shitty it got, I could always look back and say, "At least I don't have my arm stuck up a cow's vagina." In fact, that's kind of become my life's motto. It's also what I say when I'm at a loss for words when talking to people who are grieving the loss of their grandparents."
Author: Jenny Lawson
29. "They might have been all-right people doing the best they could, but I got to tell you, you got a dead cat lying in your yard you ought to bury it. That's my motto."
Author: Joe R. Lansdale
30. "My dream was to go to Nashville. I had my sights set on my dream. I used to have an '89 Toyota Ford truck. On the front of the truck, I had this license plate with cowboy boots and a guitar that I had airbrushed at Wal-Mart. It said 'Chasin' A Dream.' That was kind of my motto."
Author: Josh Turner
31. "Be prepared,' that's my motto." He smiled smugly at me. "That, and 'Sleep whenever possible.' Oh, and 'If you don't notice it's gone, what's the harm in me taking it?"
Author: Kiersten White
32. "Safe by my strength. (Motto of the Clan MacNeely)"
Author: Kinley MacGregor
33. "I stay cool, and dig all jive,That's the way I stay alive.My motto, as I live and learn, isDig and be dugIn return."
Author: Langston Hughes
34. "When you get down to it, at it's root, Comedy is truth, absurdity, and pain. One of my little mottos is: 'Do you remember the Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown kicked the football and kissed the Little Red Haired Girl? Neither do I.'"
Author: Lev Yilmaz
35. "The pen between my fingers is sensuous, alive almost, I can feel its power, the power of the words it contains. Pen Is Envy, Aunt Lydia would say, quoting another Center motto, warning us away from such objects."
Author: Margaret Atwood
36. "Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches, your Grace. That's my motto."
Author: Melissa McPhail
37. "I knew that I shouldn't have, but I did it all the same; and there you have my epitaph, or one of them, because my grave is going to require a monument inscribed on all four sides with rueful mottoes, in small characters, set close together."
Author: Michael Chabon
38. "Come inside."Shelby tilted her head just enough to rest it briefly on his shoulder as they walked to the door. "I'm relying on your word that I'll walk out again in one piece at the end of the weekend."He only grinned. "I told you my stand on playing the mediator.""Thanks a lot." She glanced up at the door, noting the heavy brass crest that served as a door knocker. The MacGregor lion stared coolly at her with its Gaelic motto over its crowned head. "Your father isn't one to hide his light under a bushel,is he?""Let's just say he has a strong sense of family pride." Alan lifted the knocker, then let it fall heavily against the thick door. Shelby imagined the sound would vibrate into every nook and cranny in the house. "The Clan MacGregor," Alan began in a low rolling burr, "is one of the few permitted to use the crown in their crest.Good blood. Strong stock."
Author: Nora Roberts
39. "My motto? Don't trust someone who is just as cagey as yourself." "What kind of detective are you?" "A lousy one and proud of it. I write, remember?" She looked down at her hand & laughed. "Berretta doesn't make lighters." "Why I was a writer! My life revolved around fiction. I could make something up""She looked down at her hand & laughed. "Berretta doesn't make lighters." "So they're not Tolstoy, they're a little shorter...Okay, okay a lot. Go ahead, read my mystery series anyway." "A detective has their boundaries especially me. So mine shifted occasionally...okay a lot" "Beat it, Buster. My temper and this mace have a hair trigger.""Interference could be lethal." I got right up in his face, hissing, "Don't push me, I'm hormonal."I'm not really a lousy detective, just rough around the edges."
Author: Peggy A. Edelheit
40. "Don't wait to be hunted to hide, that was always my motto."
Author: Samuel Beckett
41. "I no longer drink nearly as much as I used to but, still, my motto is Sine coffea nihil sum. Without coffee, I'm nothing."
Author: Sarah Vowell
42. "Israel is our enemy. This is an aggressive, illegal, and illegitimate entity, which has no future in our land. Its destiny is manifested in our motto: 'Death to Israel."
Author: Sayed Hassan Nasrallah
43. "Thou, nature, art my goddess; to thy laws my services are bound...{His second motto, from King Lear by Shakespeare}"
Author: Shakespeare
44. "Another one of my favorite posters at Facebook declares in big red letters, "Done is better than perfect." I have tried to embrace this motto and let go of unattainable standards. Aiming for perfection causes frustration at best and paralysis at worst."
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
45. "My motto for fashion: If you can't afford to make an elegant statement, make a ridiculous one."
Author: Stacey Jay
46. "I have encountered riotous mobs and have been hung in effigy, but my motto is: Men's rights are nothing more. Women's rights are nothing less."
Author: Susan B. Anthony
47. "My motto is: feel the fear and do it anyway."
Author: Tamara Mellon
48. "My State Motto: Treat Me Good And I'll Be Your Great Friend For Life!"
Author: Timothy Pina
49. "My motto is: When in doubt, just keep lying. Even if you're terrible at it."
Author: Victoria Laurie
50. "When I write I am trying to express my way of being in the world. This is primarily a process of elimination: once you have removed all the dead language, the second-hand dogma, the truths that are not your own but other people's, the mottos, the slogans, the out-and-out lies of your nation, the myths of your historical moment - once you have removed all that warps experience into a shape you do not recognise and do not believe in - what you are left with is something approximating the truth of your own conception."
Author: Zadie Smith

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