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1. "The resulting texts always took a narrative term, enigmatic at first but ultimately explicit and often premonitory. The semantic distribution of these basic elements diverted them from their original meaning, thus revealing their real significance. Henceforth, every form of writing will consist of an operation of decoding, of contamination, and of sense perversion. All this because all language is essentially mystification, and everything is fiction."
Author: Brion Gysin
2. "How long are you going to let yourself be dragged passively by the plot? You had flung yourself into the action, filled with adventurous impulses: and then? Your function was quickly reduced to that of one who records situations decided by others, who submits to whims, finds himself involved in events that elude his control. Then what use is your role as protagonist to you? If you continue lending yourself to this game, it means that you, too, are an accomplice of the general mystification."
Author: Italo Calvino
3. "History always constitutes the relation between a present and its past. Consequently fear of the present leads to mystification of the past"
Author: John Berger
4. "Mystification is simple; clarity is the hardest thing of all."
Author: Julian Barnes
5. "Tu t'imagines qu'un mensonge en vaut un autre, mais tu as tort. Je peux inventer n'importe quoi, me payer la tête des gens, monter toutes sortes de mystifications, faire toutes sortes de blagues, je n'ai pas l'impression d'être un menteur ; ces mensonges-là, si tu veux appeler cela des mensonges, c'est moi, tel que je suis ; avec ces mensonges-là, je ne dissimule rien, avec ces mensonges-là je dis en fait la vérité. Mais il y a des choses à propos desquelles je ne peux pas mentir. IL y a des choses que je connais à fond, dont j'ai compris le sens, et que j'aime. Je ne plaisante pas avec ces choses-là. Mentir là-dessus, ce serait m'abaisser moi-même, et je ne le peux pas, n'exige pas ça de moi, je ne le ferai."
Author: Milan Kundera
6. "Mr. Pritchard! What are you doing? Is that O-soto-gari? No! It is not! It is a yak mating with a tractor! That is really very very not very good! My grandfather is weeping in Heaven, or he would if there were such a place, which there is not because religion is a mystification contrived by monarchists! Again! Again, and this time do it properly!"
Author: Nick Harkaway
7. "Even today, some opt for the comforts of mystification, preferring to believe that the wonders of the ancient world were built by Atlanteans, gods, or space travelers, instead of by thousands toiling in the sun. Such thinking robs our forerunners of their due, and us of their experience. Because then one can believe whatever one likes about the past - without having to confront the bones, potsherds, and inscriptions which tell us that people all over the world, time and again, have made similar advances and mistakes."
Author: Ronald Wright
8. "Pastors must practice a two-fold program of cultural engagement: deconstruction and demystification of cultural idols, and reconstruction and re-enchantment of a gospel-shaped worldview."
Author: Timothy Keller
9. "8. Conditions of DialogueThe functional is what is practical. The only practical thing is the resolution of our fundamental problem: the realization of ourselves (our uncoupling from the system of isolation). This is useful and utilitarian. Nothing else. All the rest represents only trivial derivations of the practical, and its mystification."
Author: Tom McDonough

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