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1. "—Eso es todo. Ese día mi abuelo me explicó que nosotros somos distintos de los animales, que solo hacen lo que su naturaleza les dicta. En cambio, nosotros somos libres. Es el mayor don que hemos recibido. Gracias a la libertad podemos convertirnos en algo distinto de lo que somos. La libertad nos permite soñar y los sueños son la sangre de nuestra vida, aunque a veces cuestan algún azote y un largo viaje. «Jamás renuncies a tus sueños. Nunca tengas miedo de soñar, por mucho que los demás se rían de ti», eso me dijo mi abuelo, «pues si lo haces renunciarías a ser tú mismo». Aún recuerdo los ojos brillantes con que subrayó sus palabras."
Author: Alessandro D'Avenia
2. "Natural gas is the one fuel that we have that's affordable, it's scaleable, it can replace coal over time, it can replace imported oil, can create American jobs."
Author: Aubrey McClendon
3. "Modern life would not be possible if it were not for chemicals, nor would modern natural gas production."
Author: Aubrey McClendon
4. "Natural gas is a feedstock in basically every industrial process."
Author: Aubrey McClendon
5. "La competencia, considerada como lo más importante de la vida, es algo demasiado triste, demasiado duro, demasiado cuestión de músculos tensos y voluntad firme, para servir como base de la vida durante más de una o dos generaciones, como máximo. Después de ese plazo tiene que provocar fatiga nerviosa, diversos fenómenos de escape, una búsqueda de placeres tan tensa y tan difícil como el trabajo (porque relajarse resulta ya imposible), y al final la desaparición de la estirpe por esterilidad. No es solo el trabajo lo que ha quedado envenenado por la filosofía de la competencia; igualmente envenenado ha quedado el ocio. El tipo de ocio tranquilo y restaurador de los nervios se considera aburrido. Tiene que haber una continua aceleración, cuyo desenlace natural serán las drogas y el colapso. El remedio consiste en reconocer la importancia del disfrute sano y tranquilo en un ideal de vida equilibrado."
Author: Bertrand Russell
6. "Fracking is doable if there's full disclosure of all chemicals used. Secondly, science dictates the policy rather than politics. Third, there's collaboration between environmental groups and the natural gas industry."
Author: Bill Richardson
7. "Countries around the world are celebrating new oil and natural gas discoveries that hold the promise of greater prosperity for their citizens."
Author: Bob Beauprez
8. "Finally, we should help developing nations like China and India curb their exponentially increasing consumption of oil and natural gas, which is driving world prices higher."
Author: Bobby Jindal
9. "Y, sin embargo, cuando cae la noche y el espectáculo ha terminado, él y yo nos quedamos de nuevo solos con el silencio, solos con una infinita escasez de palabras; nunca imaginé que éstas pudieran ser tan parcas. Pero a mí todo me parece bien. ¿O acaso me engaño a mí misma? ¿Existe la pornografía sin porno? Mejor dicho, ¿existe la pornografía únicamente como concepto, sin representación gráfica alguna? Pura pornografía del espíritu, un estado en que la mentira transforma la naturaleza de cada acto -caricia, beso, orgasmo- en algo obsceno y perverso. Reflexiono sobre todas estas cosas, aquí, tendida en el suelo mientras espero que él pronuncie alguna de sus escasas palabras, a que vuelva a tocarme y yo a olvidarme de mis pensamientos."
Author: Cees Nooteboom
10. "Now Vegas, while you were asleep your classmates and I were discussing time manipulation. What are your thoughts on the subject?""Well," Vegas turned to the class, his captive audience and smiled, "if you can manipulate time so this bell would hurry up and ring, I'd think it's fabuloso." The class snickered again, but not everyone since someone else had made a similar joke just several minutes prior. Naturally, Vegas hadn't been able to hear it over the sound of his own snoring."
Author: Charlie Fey
11. "-Quieres ser feliz -dijo Nandita-. Es lo que quiere todo el mundo. Solo que no sabes qué cosa te hará feliz.-¿Y eso es raro?-La felicidad es lo más natural del mundo cuando la tienes, y cuando no, es lo más lento, extraño e imposible. Es como aprender un idioma extranjero: puedes pensar en todas las palabras, pero no podrás hablar hasta que te armes de valor y las digas en voz alta.-¿Y si las dices mal?-Pues entonces simplemente le habrás pedido al camarero un tazón de elefantes de biblioteca..."
Author: Dan Wells
12. "First, we have to find a common vocabulary for energy security. This notion has a radically different meaning for different people. For Americans it is a geopolitical question. For the Europeans right now it is very much focused on the dependence on imported natural gas."
Author: Daniel Yergin
13. "It's not unexpected that shooting massive amounts of water, sand, and chemicals at high pressure into the earth to shatter shale and release natural gas might shake things up. But earthquakes aren't the worst problem with fracking."
Author: David Suzuki
14. "No. He says when you're dealing with any kids of supernatural beings, Gods and Devils and angels, you tend to think about them like hurricanes or earthquakes, some kind of mindless force of nature. But if they're real, then they have minds. They know your name. So even reading about the Devil tips him off, he knows instantly he's being read about and that you're somebody he may have to deal with. And I'm thinking what you did in Vegas went way, way beyond that.""What 'I' did? What about us? We were both there.""Yeah but I cut my hair since then. They probably think that was a different guy."
Author: David Wong
15. "Se não aparecerem mulheres, importam-se, que é em Portugal para tudo o recurso natural. Aqui importa-se tudo. Leis, ideias, filosofias, teorias, assuntos, estéticas, ciências, estilos, indústrias, modas, maneiras, pilhérias, tudo nos vem em caixotes pelo paquete. A civilização custa-nos caríssima, com os direitos de alfândega:e é tudo em segunda mão, não foi feita para nós, fica-nos curta nas mangas..."
Author: Eça De Queirós
16. "Look, natural gas, just like oil, is going to eventually go away. It's not renewable."
Author: Ed Rendell
17. "Natural gas is great for America in so many ways."
Author: Ed Rendell
18. "States with tremendous oil and natural gas reserves have the most to gain economically from proper regulation."
Author: Gina McCarthy
19. "Compared to coal, which generates almost half the electricity in the United States, natural gas is indeed a cleaner, less polluting fuel. But compared to, say, solar, it's filthy. And of course there is nothing renewable about natural gas."
Author: Jeff Goodell
20. "We were building a - what I thought was a fantastic company. We had great people. We were changing - we were changing the way the marketplace operated. We were creating a market for natural gas and electricity that had never existed before."
Author: Jeffrey Skilling
21. "We have for too long put vast oil and natural gas reserves off limits to exploration and production, as The Washington Post editorial stated this week."
Author: Jim Costa
22. "Since 1850, burning of fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas has increased 100 times to produce energy as the world has industrialized to serve the world's more than 6 billion and growing population."
Author: John Olver
23. "Natural gas will displace coal in power generation. Getting natural gas into the transportation fleet is harder. It works best for vehicles that work from centralized fueling facilities like trucking fleets or buses and cabs. That is happening. Before it can make big inroads beyond that, infrastructure is going to need to be developed."
Author: John S. Watson
24. "Chinese growth will either be strong or very strong. They have a voracious demand for energy that will only continue to grow. What they're doing... is looking at all forms of energy. They're going ahead very strongly with coal, nuclear, oil, natural gas."
Author: John S. Watson
25. "Natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel like the rest of them."
Author: Josh Fox
26. "If we don't continue to pursue alternative, emissions-free energy sources like nuclear fuel, we are at risk of increasing our dependence on costly natural gas."
Author: Judy Biggert
27. "Mr. Speaker, high natural gas prices and the summer spike in gasoline prices serve as a stark reminder that the path to energy independence is a long and arduous one."
Author: Judy Biggert
28. "I spend four years chasing the guy of my dreams, finally get him, and now I have to compete with a gorgeous, twenty-year-old supernatural sex fiend. ~Jaime Vegas"
Author: Kelley Armstrong
29. "Hydraulic fracking is very much a necessary part of the future of natural gas."
Author: Ken Salazar
30. "Electricity is derived from many non-renewable energy sources like oil, natural gas and coal."
Author: Lamar S. Smith
31. "The gulf coast, we all know now, after Katrina, is responsible for 25 percent of U.S. production of natural gas. Following Katrina and Rita, almost 75 percent of the natural gas production in the gulf was shut down and not producing."
Author: Mark Foley
32. "I think that once people understand the great risks that climate change poses, they will naturally want to choose products and services that cause little or no emissions of greenhouse gases, which means 'low-carbon consumption.' This will apply across the board, including electricity, heating, transport and food."
Author: Nicholas Stern
33. "Among the many important provisions in the energy bill are the creation of an estimated half million new jobs, increased oil production, blackout protection, controlling fertilizer costs by stabilizing natural gas prices and enacting new efficiency benchmarks."
Author: Paul Gillmor
34. "Plastic should be a high value material... [It] should be in products that last a long time, and at the end of the life, you recycle it. To take oil or natural gas that took millions of years to produce and then to make a disposable product that last minutes or seconds, and then to just discard it--I think that's not a good way of using this resource. (Robert Haley)"
Author: Susan Freinkel
35. "In my almost ten years in the House of Representatives, I have voted consistently to allow companies to drill for oil and natural gas in environmentally friendly ways."
Author: Virgil Goode

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