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1. "There's a reason people run negative ads... it's because they work."
Author: Anne Northup
2. "I am an optimist even though I am told everything I do is negative and cynical."
Author: Armando Iannucci
3. "I'm an enormous fan of Thomas Bernhard's books, and I like the relentless feeling in his work - the pursuit of darkness, the negative - and I think in some sense I've internalised that as what one is supposed to do."
Author: Ben Marcus
4. "This may be the final note and closure of a very special part of my coaching career. The last piece of the puzzle that I wanted to see complete from our first meeting has been delivered. I gained incredible satisfaction from your race at the weekend. No, not from the race performance--that didn't interest me--- but to see you in full happiness in the arms of your man, looking up with all the admiration one can summon in a most happy and fulfilling time."
Author: Chrissie Wellington
5. "You can either feed negative thoughts or you can starve the suckers."
Author: Fawn Weaver
6. "A lot of YouTubers, because they have such pride in what they do, have a negative connotation towards television. I don't feel that way. I feel like it's another medium to reach a broader audience."
Author: Grace Helbig
7. "Attitude. That is your tendency to evaluate things based on your perception. If you think you can't, that is a negative attitude parcel and opening it will reveal what you believe"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
8. "What you are as a single person, you will be as a married person, only to a greater degree. Any negative character trait will be intensified in a marriage relationship, because you will feel free to let your guard down -- that person has committed himself to you and you no longer have to worry about scaring him off."
Author: Josh McDowell
9. "If we allow the negative to take over, it will quickly consume us to the point we will lose control."
Author: Karli Rush
10. "We are all powerless to heal ourselves. Research shows that self-help statements have been found to be ineffective and even harmful by making some people with low self-esteem feel even worse about themselves in the long term.39 As a matter of fact, positive self-statements frequently end up reinforcing and strengthening one's original negative self-perception they were trying to change.40"
Author: Lindsey A. Holcomb
11. "There are so many negative people in this world, so replacing the crap with positive quotes steers our minds to success!"
Author: Mark O'Brien
12. "And that for every negative event or coincidence that has happened since, imagining that you triggered them, that you made them happen makes you feel like you possess a degree of control that you don't have."
Author: Michelle Hodkin
13. "It would take a civilization far more advanced than ours, unbelievably advanced, to begin to manipulate negative energy to create gateways to the past. But if you could obtain large quantities of negative energy—and that's a big "IF"—then you could create a time machine that apparently obeys Einstein's equation and perhaps the laws of quantum theory."
Author: Michio Kaku
14. "Love is a negative form of hatred."
Author: Roger Zelazny
15. "I hate putting negative energy out into the world. But it's either inside or out. I mean, it's either get an ulcer or have a fight."
Author: Sharon Van Etten
16. "A mind filled with negative thoughts makes you feel miserable and inadequate and will lead to failure after failure no matter how hard you try to succeed."
Author: Steve Backley
17. "Although any help is genuinely welcomed, it is more important to be a supportive, proactive parent than it is to be a supportive parent after academic failure and negative behaviors occur."
Author: Tanya R. Liverman
18. "Believing time is on our side is difficult because the lens of our lives is too narrowly focused. We see only what is in our direct view, whether trials or bliss. We hold so tightly to the positive experiences for fear we won't have another just as good and those that are negative we hope will disappear.With our vision set to the crown of our nose, we miss being exposed to a world of possibility lying in the vastness of our periphery."
Author: Tina Leigh
19. "Most performers don't admit this, because it sounds negative and performers are not supposed to be negative, but when I was on the road, I was lonely."
Author: Tom Glazer
20. "Remember to never split an infinitive. The passive voice should never be used. Do not put statements in the negative form. Proofread carefully to see if you words out. And don't start a sentence with a conjugation."
Author: William Safire

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