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1. "Your net worth to theworld is usually determined by whatremains after your bad habits aresubtracted from your good ones"
Author: Benjamin Franklin
2. "People's jobs are the biggest asset that they have. The net present value of your job is worth more than your house or your stock portfolio. As people decide whether they're going to buy a car, they're more concerned about whether they have a job and are likely to have a job next year."
Author: David Malpass
3. "A lot of people with a lot of ill gotten wealth may think that they have high net worth, but will simply never be worthy of any trust or respect."
Author: Jeroninio Almeida
4. "When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it."
Author: Mark Victor Hansen
5. "The tax laws are written by men with considerable net worth, and with little understanding of what wage-earners must do to make ends meet."
Author: Martin L. Gross
6. "When I looked at my life's ledger I realized I was a very rich woman. What I was experiencing was merely a temporary cash-flow problem. Finally, I came to an inner awareness that my personal net worth couldn't possibly be determined by the size of my checking account balance. Neither can yours."
Author: Sarah Ban Breathnach
7. "I like index funds is that they tend to have low expenses. One of my favorites, Vanguard 500 Index, charges just 0.18 percent a year. Can't get too heated up about the difference between 1.5 percent and 0.18 percent? Well, let me put it in terms that matter to you: If you invest $3,000 a year for thirty years and you earn an 8 percent average rate of return (before expenses are deducted), the fund with the 1.5 percent expense ratio would give you a net return (after expenses are deducted) of $276,000. The fund with the 0.18 percent expense ratio would be worth more than $354,000. I can get worked up about $78,000—how about you?"
Author: Suze Orman
8. "There's not a boy on the planet worth this amount of angst. I know; i used to be one"
Author: Tammara Webber
9. "A strip club is one of the few places where two groups voluntarily come together who have such precipitous contrasts in net worth and familiarity with violence, each group with a head-and-shoulders edge in one category. The basic math of a tropical storm."
Author: Tim Dorsey
10. "If I collected all the diamonds in the world, I'd have no 'income' but I'd have a lot of 'assets'. Would my company be worth nothing because I have no income? A lot of Net companies are collecting assets. They have to be measured with a new set of metrics."
Author: Vinod Khosla

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