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1. "I have a new television show in the works, and that is all I can say right now."
Author: Angie Stone
2. "As the Roman Empire came to its close, all the old gods of the pagan world were seen as demons by the Christians who rose. It was useless to tell them as the centuries passed that their Christ was but another God of the Wood, dying and rising, as Dionysus or Osiris had done before him, and that the Virgin Mary was in fact the Good Mother again enshrined. Theirs was a new age of belief and conviction, and in it we became devils, detached from what they believed, as old knowledge was forgotten or misunderstood."
Author: Anne Rice
3. "Money is like any other virus: once it has rotted the soul of the person who houses it, it sets off in search of new blood."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
4. "And that's the way things have gone along from that day until this. Not staying the same, but always changing. And that's okay, because once one part of a thing changes, all the other pieces begin to shift, and pretty soon it's a whole new story."
Author: Jenny Wingfield
5. "This call for a new culture is not a new idea."
Author: John Hutton
6. "In 1983 Colonel Burns wrote a poem in which he envisioned how his fledgling communications network might one day influence the world.Imagine the emergence of a new meta-culture.Imagine all kinds of people everywheregetting committed to human excellence,getting committed to closing the gapbetween the human conditionand the human potential...And imagine all of us hooked upwith a common high tech communications system.That's a vision that brings tears to the eyes.Human excellence is an idealthat we can embedinto every formal human structureon our planet.And that's really why we're going to do this.And that's also whyThe Meta Network is a creationwe can love.Notwithstanding Colonel Burns's failure to foresee that people would use the Internet mostly to access porn and look themselves up on Google, his prescience was admirable."
Author: Jon Ronson
7. "Oh yeah, that was the thing to do at that time. This was before the new wave of bebop started."
Author: Martin Denny
8. "She had been in situations like this, where people said, Convince me, and in none of those had they actually wanted to be convinced. She could lay down a perfect argument and they just invented new bullshit on the spot to justify why the answer was still no. When people said, Convince me, she knew it didn't mean they had an open mind. It meant they had power and wanted to enjoy it a minute."
Author: Max Barry
9. "Presents? Cake? I could use a new bat, maybe some good work boots or running shoes."
Author: Patricia Hamill
10. "He did not recognize himself either. He was a totally new being, bald, covered with grease and blood, pink and blue eyed: he was his own baby...He was a great fat chuckling baby, and he shat and peed in his filthy trousers and kept driving."
Author: Peter Straub
11. "Much of the mystery surrounding drug action can be cleared up by recognizing that drugs affect only the rate at which biologic functions proceed; they do not change the basic nature of existing processes or create new functions."
Author: Robert Berkow
12. "The oyster was an animal worthy of New Orleans, as mysterious and private and beautiful as the city itself. If one could accept that oysters build their houses out of their lives, one could imagine the same of New Orleans, whose houses were similarly and resolutely shuttered against an outside world that could never be trusted to show proper sensitivity toward the oozing delicacies within."
Author: Tom Robbins

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Quotes About New Yankee Stadium
Quotes About New Yankee Stadium
Quotes About New Yankee Stadium

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