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1. "La estupidez insiste siempre, uno se daría cuenta de ello si uno no pensara siempre en sí mismo. Nuestros conciudadanos, a este respecto, eran como todo el mundo; pensaban en ellos mismos; dicho de otro modo, eranhumanidad: no creían en las plagas. La plaga no está hecha a la medida del hombre, por lo tanto el hombre se dice que la plaga es irreal, es un mal sueño que tiene que pasar. Pero no siempre pasa, y de mal sueño en mal sueño son los hombres los que pasan, y los humanistas en primer lugar, porque no han tomado precauciones. Nuestros conciudadanos no eran más culpables que otros, se olvidaban de ser modestos, eso es todo, y pensaban que todavía todo era posible para ellos, lo cual daba por supuesto que las plagas eran imposibles."
Author: Albert Camus
2. "For far too long we've allowed the other side to paint us as racist, as sexist, inhumane war mongers - well, today as a conservative black Republican and former solider, I'm here to set that record straight."
Author: Allen West
3. "Amas lo inhumano."
Author: André Gide
4. "The last time she had seen him in the flesh, all the vital force of his life stripped away, his sharpened face had confronted her with such a fearful fixed finality of sightless indifference that she had been frozen in mortal terror, engulfed by abysmal despair. After all the years of unfailing support, his huge, inhuman, deaf, blind inaccessibility was horrifying. He had not kept his promise. He had abandoned her, left her to suffer alone."
Author: Anna Kavan
5. "My book was Kennedyan and accepted the notion of moral progress. What was really wanted was a Nixonian book with no shred of optimism in it. Let us have evil prancing on the page... up to the very last line... Such a book would be sensational, and so it is. But I do not think it is it fair picture of human life. I do not think so because, by definition, a human being is endowed with free will. He can use this to choose between good and evil. If he can only perform good or only perform evil, then he is a clockwork orange-meaning that he has the appearance of an organism lovely with colour and juice but is in fact only a clockwork toy to be wound up by God or the Devil... It is as inhuman to be totally good as it is to be totally evil. The important thing is moral choice... Life is sustained by the grinding opposition of moral entities."
Author: Anthony Burgess
6. "When you deal with something like compassion for physical pain, which we know is very, very old in evolution - we can find evidence for it in nonhuman species - the brain processes it at a faster speed. Compassion for mental pain took many seconds longer."
Author: Antonio Damasio
7. "T?i sao? T?i sao khi nhìn l?i quá kh? thì nh?ng gì d?p d? c?a chúng ta l?i r?n n?t b?i s? th?t x?u xa ti?m ?n trong dó? T?i sao h?i ?c v? nh?ng nam tháng hôn nhân nhu?m cay d?ng khi l? ra r?ng ngu?i kia ch?ng ?y nam có m?t ngu?i tình? Vì ngu?i ta không th? h?nh phúc trong tình c?nh dó du?c? Song ngu?i ta dã h?nh phúc co mà? Có lúc h?i ?c không trung thành v?i h?nh phúc, n?u k?t c?c di?n ra dau d?n. Vì h?nh phúc ch? dúng th?t n?u nó vinh vi?n t?n t?i? Vì ch? cái gì dã t?ng dau d?n, cho dù không ý th?c và không nh?n ra, m?i k?t thúc dau d?n? Nhung th? nào là n?i dau không ý th?c và không nh?n ra?"
Author: Bernhard Schlink
8. "Como seria tão bom se pudéssemos nos relacionar sem que nenhum dos dois esperasse absolutamente nada, mas infelizmente insistirás, infelizmente nós, a gente, as pessoas, têm, temos - emoções."
Author: Caio Fernando Abreu
9. "Will is… difficult," Jem said. "But family is difficult. If I didn't think the Institute was the best place for you, Tessa, I wouldn't say it was. And one can build one's own family. I know you feel inhuman, and as if you were set apart, away from life and love, but…" His voice cracked a little, the first time Tessa had heard him sound unsure. He cleared his throat. "I promise you, the right man won't care."
Author: Cassandra Clare
10. "It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity."
Author: Dave Barry
11. "Unless we have the courage to fight for a revival of wholesome reserve between man and man, we shall perish in an anarchy of human values… . Socially it means the renunciation of all place-hunting, a break with the cult of the "star," an open eye both upwards and downwards, especially in the choice of one's more intimate friends, and pleasure in private life as well as courage to enter public life. Culturally it means a return from the newspaper and the radio to the book, from feverish activity to unhurried leisure, from dispersion to concentration, from sensationalism to reflection, from virtuosity to art, from snobbery to modesty, from extravagance to moderation."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
12. "I felt rotten. Dead butterfly floating on the surface of the pool. Audible machine hum. Drowned crickets and beetles swirling in the plastic filter baskets. Above, the setting sun flared gaudy and inhuman, blood-red shelves of cloud that suggested end-times footage of catastrophe and ruin: detonations on Pacific atolls, wildlife running before sheets of flame."
Author: Donna Tartt
13. "His presence makes me feel thin. Not model slender. But worn, like an old cotton housedress. Thin like a specimen pressed between two plates of glass. Like a bug squashed beneath the marching boot of a soldier.Thin and worn and silence like I've never known.This is how I know he is not a Tick.They are as pitiable as they are inhuman. They are fear personified. Their emotions and minds given over to rage and hunger. They are all noise. He is none.If he is not a Tick, does that make him a Tock?"
Author: Emily McKay
14. "If man is not made in the image of God, nothing then stands in the way of inhumanity. There is no good reason why mankind should be perceived as special. Human life is cheapened. We can see this in many of the major issues being debated in our society today: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, the increase of child abuse and violence of all kinds, pornography ... , the routine torture of political prisoners in many parts of the world, the crime explosion, and the random violence which surrounds us."
Author: Francis August Schaeffer
15. "Men arbeidt nog, want arbeid is een vermaak. Maar men zorgt, dat het vermaak niet aangrijpt. Men wordt niet meer arm en rijk: beide zijn te bezwaarlijk. Wie wil nog regeren? Wie gehoorzamen? Beide zijn te bezwaarlijk. Geen herder en ene kudde! Ieder wil hetzelfde, ieder is gelijk: wie anders voelt, gaat vrijwillig in het gekkenhuis."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
16. "O sofrimento! Mas é a causa única da consciência! Eu vos declarei, é verdade, no início, que, a consciência, na minha opinião, é um dos maiores males do homem; mas sei que o homem a ama e não a trocará por nenhuma satisfação, seja qual for."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
17. "Damn me not I make a better fool. And there is nothing vaster, more beautiful, remote, unthinking (eternal rose-red sunrise on the surf—great rectitude of rocks) than man, inhuman man,At whom I look for a thousand light years from a seat near Scorpio, amazed and touched by his concern and pity for my plight, a simple star,Then trading shapes again. My wife is gone, my girl is gone, my books are loaned, my clothes are worn, I gave away a car; and all that happened years ago. Mind & matter, love & space are frail as foam on beer."
Author: Gary Snyder
18. "Artists are, above all, men who want to become inhuman."
Author: Guillaume Apollinaire
19. "A cronologia da infância não segue uma linha reta, mas é feita de sobressaltos. A memória é um espelho opaco e estilhaçado, ou melhor, é feita de conchas intemporais de lembranças espalhadas numa praia de esquecimento. Sei que aconteceram muitas coisas naqueles anos, mas tentar recordá-las é tão desesperador como tentar lembrar um sonho, um sonho que deixou em nós uma sensação, mas nenhuma imagem, uma história sem história, vazia, da qual resta apenas um vago estado de espírito. As imagens se perderam. Os anos, as palavras, as brincadeiras, as carícias se apagaram, e no entanto, de repente, rememorando o passado, alguma coisa volta a se iluminar na sombria região do esquecimento [153]."
Author: Héctor Abad Faciolince
20. "- (...) Só falou nisso de a Vida ser um jogo e assim. Sabe como é.- A Vida é um jogo, meu rapaz. A Vida é um jogo que se joga seguindo as regras.- Pois é, senhor professor. Eu sei que é. Eu sei.Um jogo, uma ova. Raio de jogo. Se calhamos do lado onde estão todos os craques, está bem que é um jogo... Concordo que é. Mas se calhamos do outro lado, onde não há craques nenhuns, então onde é que está o jogo? Nada. Jogo coisa nenhuma."
Author: J.D. Salinger
21. "Kill me then,' panted Harry, who felt no fear at all, but only rage and contempt. 'Kill me like you killed him, you coward-'DON'T-' screamed Snape, and his face was suddenly demented, inhuman, as though he was in as much pain as the yelping, howling dog stuck in the house behind them- 'CALL ME A COWARD!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
22. "Quando a procura é maior do que a oferta, impera a selecção. Em todos os ramos da indústria, os menos competentes são rejeitados - e, como os recusam, já não estão em condições de se manterem à tona, pelo que descem até atingirem o nível em que os aceitam, um emprego numa fábrica em que não lhes seja exigida nenhuma aptidão. Consequência inevitável: os menos aptos deixam-se arrastar até ao fundo do abismo, essa espécie de matadouro onde ficam reduzidos à miséria."
Author: Jack London
23. "Oh my God!" Sam said again, his voice shaking. I've given birth to something inhuman, Phoebe thought. A lamprey with row after row of teeth."
Author: Jennifer McMahon
24. "Nenhum homem é um herói para o seu criado de quarto"
Author: John Darnton
25. "And observe, you are put to stern choice in this matter. You must either make a tool of the creature, or a man of him. You cannot make both. Men were not intended to work with the accuracy of tools, to be precise and perfect in all their actions. If you will have that precision out of them, and make their fingers measure degrees like cogwheels, and their arms strike curves like compasses, you must unhumanize them. All the energy of their spirits must be given to make cogs and compasses of themselves....On the other hand, if you will make a man of the working creature, you cannot make a tool. Let him but begin to imagine, to think, to try to do anything worth doing; and the engine-turned precision is lost at once. Out come all his roughness; all his dullness, all his incapability; shame upon shame, failure upon failure, pause after pause: but out comes the whole majesty of him also, and we know the height of it only, when we see the clouds settling upon him."
Author: John Ruskin
26. "Quem pode calcular o que se perde com a multidão de inteligências, a coexistirem com caracteres tímidos, que não se aventuram a incorporar-se em nenhuma corrente arrojada, vigorosa e independente de opinião, com o temor de que ela os leve a alguma coisa que possa ser taxada de irreligiosa ou imoral?"
Author: John Stuart Mill
27. "Paraíso ou inferno, ou coisa nenhuma, o que se passe depois da morte importa-nos muito menos que o que geralmente se crê, a religião, senhor filósofo, é um assunto da terra, não tem nada que ver com o céu."
Author: José Saramago
28. "(...) o espírito não vai a lado nenhum sem as pernas do corpo, e o corpo não seria capaz de mover-se se lhe faltassem as asas do espírito."
Author: José Saramago
29. "Se tal vier a acontecer, a única conclusão lógica a extrair de tudo quanto se viu até agora, é que, afinal, a viagem não valeu a pena. O que, por outro lado, seria, ou será, uma maneira demasiado simplificada de encarar a questão, pois nenhuma viagem é ela só, cada viagem contém uma pluralidade de viagens, e se, aparentemente, uma delas parece apresentar tão pouco sentido que nos sentimos autorizados a sentenciar, Não valeu a pena, mandaria o senso comum, se por preconceito e preguiça o não obliterássemos tantas vezes, que verificássemos se as viagens de que aquela foi conteúdo ou continente não serão valiosas bastante para terem, afinal, valido a pena e as penas. Todas estas considerações reunidas nos aconselham a suspendermos os juízos definitivos e outras presunções. As viagens sucedem-se e acumulam-se como as gerações, entre o neto que foste e o avô que serás, que pai terás sido, Ora, ainda que ruim, necessário"
Author: José Saramago
30. "And now she was just Gabby, currently staying in a dreamy, magnificent castle in Scotland with a Fae prince who did all kinds of non-nasty, non-inhuman things like tearing up lists of names, and returning tadpoles to lakes, and saving people's lives. Not to mention kissing with all the otherwordly splendor of a horny angel."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
31. "Although Jillian had known what Grimm was before that moment, she was briefly immobilized by the sight of him. It was one thing to know that the man she loved was a Berserker-it was another thing entirely to behold it. He regarded her with such an inhuman expression that if she hadn't peered deep into his eyes, she might have seen nothing of Grimm at all. But there, deep in the flickering blue flames, she glimpsed such love that it rocked her soul. She smiled up at him through her tears.A wounded sound of disbelief escaped him.Jillian gave him the most dazzling smile she could muster and placed her fist to her heart. "And the daughter wed the lion king," she said clearly.An expression of incredulity crossed the warrior's face. His blue eyes widened and he stared at her in stunned silence."I love you, Gavrael McIllioch."When he smiled, his face blazed with love. He tossed his head back and shouted his joy to the sky."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
32. "Eu poderia rimar e utilizar as mais belas palavras, porém nenhuma seria capaz de descrever o que sinto. Por isso desejo que minhas atitudes demonstrem e lhe deem toda a certeza que você precisa para se sentir amada."
Author: Leandro Goulart BRAZIL
33. "Nesta vida que Deus me deu vi das coisas às mais lindas, mas nenhuma delas se compara a satisfação do primeiro dia em que vi você. Como diz o poeta, ‘quando te vi, descobri que já te amava."
Author: Luis Alexandre Ribeiro Branco
34. "Pero de pronto lo recordé, las irreductibles asperezas de un mundo inhumano se aniquilaron mágicamente; las sílabas del verso llenaron luego la medida de un alejandrino; lo que el verso tenía de sobra se desprendió con tanta facilidad y tan ágilmente como una pompa de aire que sale a estallar a la superficie del agua. Y, en efecto, aquella enormidad con que yo había luchado no era más que una sola sílaba."
Author: Marcel Proust
35. "When men are inhuman, take care not to feel towards them as they do towards other humans."
Author: Marcus Aurelius
36. "Many had suspected that the political disasters of the past few years had a hidden cause. The bloodiness of the French mob rule was something unnatural, with a pitiless and inhuman progression that had never been seen before."
Author: Mike Jay
37. "Kafka e Hasek nos põem em confronto com este imenso paradoxo: durante a época dos tempos modernos, a razão cartesiana corroía, um após outro, todos os valores herdados da Idade Média. Mas, no momento da vitória total da razão, é o irracional puro (a força querendo apenas seu querer) que se apossará do cenário do mundo, porque não haverá mais nenhum sistema de valores comumente admitido que possa lhe fazer esse obstáculo."
Author: Milan Kundera
38. "A única coisa de que dispomos, para acreditar, são os nossos sentidos, as ferramentas que utilizamos para apreender o mundo: a nossa vista, o nosso tacto, a nossa memória. Se os nossos sentidos nos mentirem, então não podemos confiar em nada. E mesmo que não acreditemos, ainda assim não podemos seguir por nenhum outro caminho além daquele que os nossos sentidos nos mostram; e esse caminho, temos de o percorrer até o fim."
Author: Neil Gaiman
39. "Nenhum homem, afirmou Donne, é uma ilha, mas estava errado. Se não fôssemos ilhas, perder-nos-íamos, afogados nas tragédias uns dos outros."
Author: Neil Gaiman
40. " are you and your body of steam,you and your face of night,you and your hair, unhurried lightning,you cross the street and enter my forehead,footsteps of water across my eyes,listen to me as one listens to the rain"
Author: Octavio Paz
41. "Foram então procurar a KiBebucha, na casa dela da Ilha, onde ela gostava de não ficar dentro de casa, mas lá no quintal-rua, início do passeio da casa dela, onde espreitava o mar – vício dos olhos dela desde pequena. Num te falei?, isto é só grandes coisas, efeitos da natureza nas pessoas mesmo: céu, mar, lua, sol, coisas assim enormes não escapam nas vias do coração, meu. Qual é a tua inclinação? Nada, nada mesmo? Pra ti pôr do sol e pôr de merda nenhuma é a mesma coisa? E a lua de noite? Nada mesmo? Porra, meu, dás pena, quer dizer, estás neste mundo só pra o que der e vier, não queres meter o corpo e o coração nele?"
Author: Ondjaki
42. "Can't you recognize the human in the inhuman?"
Author: Ray Bradbury
43. "He didn't look insane or inhuman. He did look uncooperative."
Author: Robin McKinley
44. "No se le permitió a nadie perderse el parestésico paréntesis de aquel histórico día en que los despiadados seres puros de la raza inhumana enviaban un hombre a la luna."
Author: Sally Gardner
45. "We therefore conclude that no philosophy and no system of life produced by human thought can havethe characteristic of "comprehensiveness." At most, it can cover a segment of human life and can be validfor a temporary period. Because of its limited scope, it is always deficient in many respects, and because ofits temporariness it is bound to cause problems that require modifications and changes in the originalphilosophy or system of life. Peoples and nations basing their social, political, and economic systems onhuman philosophies are forever confronted with contradictions and "dialectics." The history of Europeanpeoples is an example of such a process."
Author: Sayyid Qutb
46. "On principle' a man can do anything, take part in anything and himself remain inhuman and indeterminate. 'On principle' a man may interest himself in the founding of a brothel, and the same man can 'on principle' assist in the publication of a new Hymn book because it is supposed to be the great need of the times. But it would be as unjustifiable to conclude from the first fact that he was debauched as it would, perhaps, be to conclude from the second that he read or sang hymns."
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
47. "A man craves ultimate truths. Every mortal mind, I think, is that way. But what is ultimate truth? It's the end of the road, where there is no more mystery, no more hope. And no more questions to ask, since all the answers have been given. But there is no such place.The Universe is a labyrinth made of labyrinths. Each leads to another. And wherever we cannot go ourselves, we reach with mathematics. Out of mathematics we build wagons to carry us into the nonhuman realms of the world."
Author: Stanisław Lem
48. "— Dizem que é um sociopata, porque não encontraram mais nenhum termo que pudessem aplicar a ele. Tem algumas das características que atribuem a um sociopata. Não tem qualquer sentimento de remorso ou de culpa. E apresentou o primeiro e o pior dos indicadores: sadismo para com os animais quando era criança.— Mas não apresenta mais nenhuma das outras características — continuou Graham. — Não era um desenraizado e não apresentava nenhum histórico de problemas com a lei. Não era mesquinho e explorador nas pequenas coisas, como são a maioria dos sociopatas. Não é insensível. Não sabem como é que devem classificá-lo. Os seus encefalogramas mostram alguns padrões estranhos, mas não conseguiram tirar conclusões a esse respeito."
Author: Thomas Harris
49. "Mas talvez naquele momento ele não tenha sido capaz de nenhum cálculo,o grito que lhe saiu da boca era o grito de sua alma e nele e com ele descarregava anos de longos e secretos remorsos.Ou seja,após uma vida de incertezas,entusiasmos e desilusões,vilezas e traições,posto diante da inelutabilidade de sua ruína,ele decidia professar a fé de sua juventude,sem mais perguntar se era justa ou errada,mas para mostrar a si mesmo que era capaz de alguma fé."
Author: Umberto Eco
50. "Yet she said to herself, from the dawn of time odes have been sung to love; wreathes heaped and roses; and if you asked nine people out of ten they would say they wanted nothing but this; while the women, judging from her own experience, would all the time be feeling, This is not what we want; there is nothing more tedious, puerile and inhumane than love; yet it is also absolutely beautiful and necessary."
Author: Virginia Woolf

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