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1. "Would you like a nice cold fish head? They're frozen solid: frozen head of fish, the eyeballs in there and the skeleton's coming out. It comes with a turnip and a spork." "I was wishing you had one of them left; wishing upon a star."
Author: Brian Regan
2. "Chloe, are you in the bathroom fucking that nice slice of man cake?"
Author: Christina Lauren
3. "Then welcome, you poor things! I'm so gald you're here! I never get to talk to anyone except when I'm working, and then I'm supposed to say things like, 'Woe is me' and 'Beware' and 'Uncle Rupert is going to die.' And then they look at me like I have two heads, which I don't because I'm not a troll , and they always say, 'Oh, no, the banshee is here!' Do you know how that makes me feel? Every time I show up, people run screaming and warn everybody else that I'm around. Believe me, I've thought about staying home and sleeping late, but I can't because I care about people. Without me to warn them, people would die unexpectedly, and then where would their relatives be? When I tell them, they have time to make arrangments, say know-important things. I'm actually a very nice person; it's just that no one gives me a chance to prove it."
Author: E.D. Baker
4. "Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out."
Author: Frank A. Clark
5. "Damon: "What about me?"Rebekah: "You have a nice behind."
Author: L.J. Smith
6. "Get moving. We need to find that stag so I don't have to chop your head off.""I never said you had to chop my head off," I grumbled, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and stumbling after him."Run you through with a sword, then? Firing squad?""I was thinking something quieter, like maybe a nice poison.""All you said was that I had to kill you. You didn't say how."I stuck my tongue out at his back, but I was glad to see him so energized, and I suppose it was a good thing that he could joke about it all. At least, I hoped he was joking."
Author: Leigh Bardugo
7. "Again, we turn down most books that have been self-published unless they have a special track record. We have taken a small number on, however, and sold them to major publishers for a nice sum. But that is an exception to the rule."
Author: Richard Curtis
8. "Was that romantic?" he asked. "I was just making the suggestion,since the coat's so heavy and warm.I figured you'd think of me since it was such a nice gesture. And yet,once again, you're the one who finds romantic subtext in everything Isay."
Author: Richelle Mead
9. "I simply can't believe nice communities release effluents."
Author: William Hamilton

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