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1. "Risky is not the same as crazy. Failing is not the same as being worthless."
Author: Alyson Hagy
2. "Why do you style yourself "your worth- less and insignificant brother"? You recognize your insignificance? . . . Recognize it before God; perhaps, too, in the presence of beauty, intel- ligence, nature, but not before men. Among men you must be conscious of your dignity. Why, you are not a rascal, you are an honest man, aren't you? Well, respect yourself as an honest man and know that an honest man is not something worthless. Don't confound "being humble" with "recognizing one's worthlessness." . . ."
Author: Anton Chekhov
3. "How deaf and stupid have I been!" he thought, walking swiftly along."When someone reads a text, wants to discover its meaning, he will notscorn the symbols and letters and call them deceptions, coincidence, andworthless hull, but he will read them, he will study and love them, letterby letter. But I, who wanted to read the book of the world and the bookof my own being, I have, for the sake of a meaning I had anticipated be-fore I read, scorned the symbols and letters, I called the visible world adeception, called my eyes and my tongue coincidental and worthlessforms without substance. No, this is over, I have awakened, I have in-deed awakened and have not been born before this very day."
Author: Hermann Hesse
4. "As a human being, we must learn to be kind to each other. We are not animals! And stop acting like one! Nothing hurts more than seeing a human being treating fellow human being like they're worthless and lower than them."

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