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1. "Compaqs, Dells and Novells each of which emerged from practically nothing to become major corporations. What's the common among these companies is that they all instinctively followed the rules for success in a horizontal industry."
Author: Andrew S. Grove
2. "The novella will be called, I think, "The Messiah of Stockholm." It takes place in Stockholm. I'd better say no more, or the Muse will wipe it out."
Author: Cynthia Ozick
3. "Io ritornai da la santissima ondarifatto sì come piante novellerinnovellate di novella fronda, puro e disposto a salire alle stelle."
Author: Dante Alighieri
4. "--- she says it's a tradition --- which must mean all those things people do that they don't know why they do ‘em."from the novella Christopher O'Connor's Romances"
Author: George Hammond
5. "If I could write the perfect novella I would die happy."
Author: Ian McEwan
6. "The evasions of her little novel were exactly those of her life. Everything she did not wish to confront was also missing from her novella--and was necessary to it."
Author: Ian McEwan
7. "I only respond to Telemundo when it's about novellas, in regards to music or movies they have nothing to do with it; that's mine."
Author: Jencarlos Canela
8. "If you're going to kill someone there isn't much reason to get all worked up about it and angry - you just pull the trigger. Angry discussions beforehand are a waste of time. We need to smile at Novell while we pull the trigger."
Author: Jim Allchin
9. "I like big books and I cannot lie.You other readers can't denyThat when a kid walks in with The Name of the WindLike a hardbound brick of win.Story bling.Wanna swipe that thingCause you see that boy is speedingRight through the book he's reading.I'm hooked and I can't stop pleading.Wanna curl up with that for ages,All thousand pages.Reviewers tried to warn me.But with that plot you hookedMe like Bradley.Ooh, crack that fat spine.You know I wanna make you mine.This book is stella 'cause it ain't some quick novella."
Author: Jim C. Hines
10. "I write novellas because I don't like loose sprawling prose."
Author: Jim Harrison
11. "His own life suddenly seemed repellently formal. Whom did he know or what did he know and whom did he love? Sitting on the stump under the burden of his father's death and even the mortality inherent in the dying, wildly colored canopy of leaves, he somehow understood that life was only what one did every day.... Nothing was like anything else, including himself, and everything was changing all of the time. He knew he couldn't perceive the change because he was changing too, along with everything else.(from the novella, The Man Who Gave Up His Name)"
Author: Jim Harrison
12. "If you added it up, without her there was nothing--but with her even the simplest of gestures of walking a bird dog in the desert, or selecting the ingredients for a meal for two rather than one took on an ineffable charm.(from the novella, Revenge)"
Author: Jim Harrison
13. "If it's well written, even an obscene book cannot be immoral.John McGahern, Galway, October 6th 2003. "Acclaimed as the most important Irish novellist since James Joyce."
Author: John McGahern
14. "The key to this collaboration - which we undertook after much deliberation - was to stretch creatively. New characters, new locales, new form (the novella)."
Author: Jonathan Kellerman
15. "Szerintem egy írónak sohasem szabad kortárs témához nyúlnia és túl konkrét színhelyet választania a történethez. Mert akkor az olvasók azonnal hibákat találnak benne. Vagy ha nem találnak, keresni fognak, és amit keresnek, azt meg is találják. Ezért szeretem a novelláimat nehezen meghatározható helyekre és sok évvel ezelottre helyezni. (…) Úgy gondolom, térben és idoben egyaránt érdemes bizonyos távolságot tartani. Szerintem egyébként is viszonylag új keletu az a nézet, hogy az irodalomnak kortárs témákról kell szólnia. Ha nem tévedek, az Íliász két-háromszáz évvel Trója eleste után íródott. Szerintem a képzelet szabadsága megkívánja, hogy térben és idoben távoli témákhoz nyúljunk, vagy ha ez nem megy, akkor a mai tudományos-fantasztikus írók módjára más bolygókra helyezzük a történetet. Mert ha nem így cselekszünk, a valóság egy kicsit mindig meg fogja kötni a kezünket. Az irodalom máris túlzottan hasonlít az újságíráshoz."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
16. "To all those whom seek the iron words of the community: if your book is good, it will stand on its own. Be it a short story, a novel, a novella, a chapter book, a poetry book, a chapbook, a manga or a graphic will seek reviews by itself. You need to do nothing with it. Do nothing but write. Give up review seeking and focus on writing, for that is what becomes you in the end."
Author: L'Poni Baldwin
17. "Postremo pereunt imbres, ubi eos pater aether in gremium matris terrai praecipitavit;at nitidae surgunt fruges ramique virescuntarboribus, crescunt ipsae fetuque gravantur.hinc alitur porro nostrum genus atque ferarum,hinc laetas urbes pueris florere videmus frondiferasque novis avibus canere undique silvas,hinc fessae pecudes pinguis per pabula laetacorpora deponunt et candens lacteus umoruberibus manat distentis, hinc nova prolesartubus infirmis teneras lasciva per herbas ludit lacte mero mentes perculsa novellas.haud igitur penitus pereunt quaecumque videntur,quando alit ex alio reficit natura nec ullamrem gigni patitur nisi morte adiuta aliena."
Author: Lucretius
18. "Those around you can have their novellas, sweet, their short stories of cliché and coincidence, occasionally spiced up with tricks of the quirky, the achingly mundane, the grotesque. A few will even cook up Greek tragedy, those born into misery, destined to die in misery. But you, my bride of quietness, you will craft nothing less than epic with your life. Out of all of them, your story will be the one to last."
Author: Marisha Pessl
19. "'Envy the Night' was my first stand alone, the first book I'd written in the third person and I loved the feel of that, and it was different but it was also the same. 'So Cold the River,' I knew, was going to be really different, and that's why I thought about doing it as a novella under a pseudonym, because I didn't want to damage my career."
Author: Michael Koryta
20. "Questioning our own motives, and our own process, is critical to a skeptical and scientific outlook. We must realize that the default mode of human psychology is to grab onto comforting beliefs for purely emotional reasons, and then justify those beliefs to ourselves with post-hoc rationalizations." - Steven Novella"
Author: Steven Novella

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