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1. "Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." (Ellen Ripley)"
Author: Alan Dean Foster
2. "You are overstepping your bounds, Chitah. This is my home," Justus warned."Ghuardian, you make the rules in the house, but I make the rules in my bedroom," I said, hoping to avoid a fight. "I'll keep the door open, and if he so much as looks at me funny, I'll nuke him."
Author: Dannika Dark
3. "I need those nukes, the chief said. I need them, I need them right now.I don't want to be an enabler, sir. I'd rather get you into a twelve step program to help you break this addiction."
Author: Dean Koontz
4. "That's a tumor. It goes across my liver, up through my lungs, all the way around my heart. And when they were done trying to cut it out, nuke it out with radiation and chemotherapy it out, it left so much scar tissue that when I walk outside now in cold weather and take a deep breath, it feels like someone is stabbing me."
Author: Eric Massa
5. "The clans began to bombard the outer force field with rockets, missiles, nukes, and harsh language."
Author: Ernest Cline
6. "Aastasadu on Tsitadelli mehed surnukehi lahanud, et uurida elu olemust. Mina tahtsin mõista surma olemust ja lahkasin seepärast elusaid mehi."
Author: George R.R. Martin
7. "May in Varanasi. 25° and wet. It's like the 6th circle of the inferno here, Edith - where they flail the arses off the howling heretics and the men who fuck marine life etc. NATO's stomping on the Balkans while India and Pakistan threaten one another with nukes. "Dead From the Waist Down" on MTV. The humidity's making me horny and mad. I miss Robin. In his new book, Ken Wilbur calls it "skin hunger". I feel like I'm building up a charge. Monsoon's on its way."
Author: Grant Morrison
8. " Dear rabbis, I'm so sorry, I nuked your circle dude. Here is his head as a souvenir. Yeah, that would fly."
Author: Ilona Andrews
9. "I can't visualize the situation in which we nuke ourselves into extinction."
Author: John Keegan
10. "Nuke em till they glow and then shoot 'em in the dark"
Author: John Ringo
11. "Nuke them until they glow and shoot them in the dark. No questions."
Author: John Ringo
12. "The plan was simple. Once on the Plain of Idavoll, we were going to follow the immortal strategy of Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh and "announce [our] presence with authority."
Author: Kevin Hearne
13. "But three cheers for Alaska, they've got 24-hour hot fucking bear delivery. Note to self: Nuke Alaska."
Author: Mykle Hansen
14. "Excuse me? Tonight you represent every dateless woman in this city, every woman who's about to sit down to a lonely meal of Weight Watchers past primavera she's just nuked in the microwave. Every woman who will get into bed tonight with a book or reruns of Sex and the City as her only companion. You are our shining hope....But no pressure."
Author: Nora Roberts
15. "But crossing into Louisiana I got this haunted little rill of feeling -- there was moss and mud everywhere and an inexplicable, hollow sensation that Louisiana is what would be left of the South after it has been nuked -- that I and everything around me were irretrievably rotten."
Author: Padgett Powell
16. "My nickname is Nuke."
Author: Rau'Shee Warren
17. "Need on ainukesed hetked, kui ma olen tundnud tõeist üksindust: seistes ihuüksi silmitsi karistamatu vägivallaga. Maailm tühjeneb, vaikib, sureb välja ning kaob."
Author: Ryszard Kapuściński
18. "Oh no, if you really want to be wicked to him, nuke it first. (Geary)Yeah, but given his reaction to the cupcake, that might overload his taste buds with pleasure and kill him. (Tory)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
19. "Oh, man," says Dum. "That would have been so awesome. Can you imagine? Boom!" He mimes a mushroom cloud. "Moo!"Dee gives him a long-suffering look. "You´re such a child. You can´t just waste a nuke like that. You gotta figure out a way to control the trajectory so that when the bomb goes off, it shoots the radioactive cows into your enemies."
Author: Susan Ee
20. "No one would blow up their entire country in the hope that a few angels might be in the air when you did it. It's just not responsible nuke behavior.""Unlike nuclear cow missiles," says Dum."Exactly."
Author: Susan Ee
21. "And now Coin, with her fistful of precious nukes and her well-oiled machine of a district, finding it's even harder to groom a Mockingjay than to catch one."
Author: Suzanne Collins

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