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1. "Do it, Octavian" She ghosted the tips of her fingers along the hem of his shirt. "Touch me."He growled low in his throat, his forehead dropping another inch toward her shoulder, his hair tickling the side of her face. "Be my angel, Riley, not my siren. Don't tempt me."Moistening her lips with a sweep of her tongue, Riley glided her fingers over his belt, tracing the strip of leather to the silver buckle in the center. She felt rather than heard his deep inhalation and the tremor that raked his powerful body. Driven by his surrender, she used two fingers to walk over the square carvings etched into his abdomen, biting her lip to stop the grin that pulled when he groaned. "I want to be both for you, Octavian," she whispered, letting her lips brush the curve of his shoulder."
Author: Airicka Phoenix
2. "Something in his voice stopped her from asking any more questions and he went on: 'So you see, Octavia, we need you and you need us. Between us we can be a family instead of three lonely people."
Author: Betty Neels
3. "Drift House: Susan's response to Queen Octavia's sarcasm in regards to fading memories..."But we pass our memories on," she insisted. "I mean, from one generation to the next. Parents teach their children. They write things down, tell them stories--"
Author: Dale Peck
4. "Now I want to work with Octavia Spencer, because I met her and she's really funny."
Author: Isabelle Fuhrman
5. "And then Alec had a providient thought. "D'you want my sister?""Octavia!" Hugh gasped at him. "isn't she twelve?""She's nineteen.""I can't marry her. I'd keep picturing her as twelve."
Author: Julia Quinn
6. "Do you remember little Zoe Octavia Lexham?' he said.His aunt cast her pale blue gaze in the direction of the great chandelier, as though that was where she kept her memory. 'Zoe Octavia,' she said."
Author: Loretta Chase
7. "They knew of the Vth, my legion, of their skill in battle, of how they had won Antium for Octavian, and then fought against Parthia for Tiberius; they were glad the Vth was not yet on their borders, although concerned that it was camped so close in Moesia. I may have loathed the Vth on principle when I was forced to march in its company, but here it was my legion; the men were my brothers. I caught myself smiling broadly once, or rather, Pantera caught me, and threw me a look that ensured I didn't smile again for the rest of the meal."
Author: M.C. Scott
8. "And then, this she offered to me, my one truth: "Our language," she said, "is not spoken, but sung.... Not simply words... and grammar... but melody. It was hard... thus... to learn English... this language of wood. For the people of your nation, Octavian, all speech is song."
Author: M.T. Anderson
9. "Before Octavia was born, I used to think that love bore some relation to merit and to beauty, but now I saw that this was not so."
Author: Margaret Drabble
10. "I think only one thing.Where 's Octavia? As I get closer to the bottom, I notice that it's water that I'm falling into. It's salty-green and smooth, until...I'm driven through the surface and go deeper. I'm surrounded. I'm drowning. I think. I'm drowning.But I'm smiling too."
Author: Markus Zusak
11. "As Hazel marched down the hill, she cursed in Latin. Percy didn't understand all of it, but he got son of a gorgon, power-hungry snake, and a few choice suggestions about where Octavian could stick his knife."
Author: Rick Riordan
12. "Very slowly using two fingers, Annabeth drew her dagger. Instead of dropping it, she tossed it as far as she could into the water. Octavian made a squeaking sound. "What was that for? I didn't say toss it! That could've been evidence. Or spoils of war!"Annabeth tried for a dumb-blonde smile, like: Oh, silly me. Nobody who knew her would have been fooled. But Octavian seemed to buy it. He huffed in exasperation. "You other two..." He pointed his blade a Hazel and Piper. "Put your weapons on the dock. No funny bus--"All around the Romans, Charleston Harbor erupted like a Las Vegas fountain putting on a show. When the wall of seawater subsided, the three Romans were in the bay, spluttering and frantically trying to stay afloat in their armor. Percy stood on the dock, holding Annabeth's dagger. "You dropped this," he said, totally poker-faced."
Author: Rick Riordan
13. "I am praetor of the legion," Reyna said. "I judge this to be in the best interest of Rome." "To get yourself killed? To break our oldest laws and travel to the Ancient Lands? How will you even find their ship, assuming you survive the journey?" [Octavian]"I will find them," Reyna said."
Author: Rick Riordan
14. "Yay!" Tyson went around the couches and gave everyone a big hug—even Octavian, who didn't look thrilled about it."
Author: Rick Riordan
15. "Percy and Reyna occupied matching praeters' chairs on the dais, which made Percy self-conscious. It wasn't easy looking dignified wearing a bedsheet and a purple cape. "The camp is safe," Octavian continued. " I'll be the first to congragulate our heroes for bringing back the legion's eagle and so much Imperial gold! Truly we have been blessed with good fortune. But why do more? Why tempt fate?" "I'm glad you asked." Percy stood, taking the question as an opening. Octavian stammered, " I wasn't--""--Part of the quest," Percy said. "Yes I know. And your'e wise to let me explain, since I was."
Author: Rick Riordan
16. "There!" Mars finished writing and threw the scroll at Octavian. "A prophecy. You can add it to your books, engrave it on the floor, whatever."Octavian read the scroll. "This says, 'Go to Alaska. Find Thanatos and free him. Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die'.""Yes," Mars said. "Is that not clear?""Well, my lord...usually prophecies are unclear. They're wrapped in riddles. They rhyme, and..."Mars casually popped another grenade off his belt. "Yes?""The prophecy is clear!" Octavian announced. "A quest!"
Author: Rick Riordan
17. "Octavian menjerit-jerit dengan suara melengking—mungkin memerintakan Kohort I agar bertahan dengan gagah, mungkin sedang mencoba menyanyi sopran—tapi Percy menghentikannya."
Author: Rick Riordan
18. "Good idea," Percy put in. "Go burn your bears, Octavian."
Author: Rick Riordan
19. "Reyna sent me to get Percy," Frank said. "Did Octavian accept you?""Yeah," Percy said. "He slaughtered my panda."
Author: Rick Riordan
20. "Oh, by the way…" Jason glanced at Percy. "I resigned my office, gave Frank a field promotion to praetor. Unless you want to contest that ruling." Percy grinned. "No argument here." "Praetor?" Hazel stared at Frank. He shrugged uncomfortably. "Well… yeah. I know it seems weird." She tried to throw her arms around him, then winced as she remembered her busted ribs. She settled for kissing him. "It seems perfect." Leo clapped Frank on the shoulder. "Way to go, Zhang. Now you can order Octavian to fall on his sword."
Author: Rick Riordan
21. "Down in the water, Octavian yelled, "Get me out of here! I'll kill you!""Tempting," Percy called down."
Author: Rick Riordan
22. "And he had it all over Octavian, let me tell you. Hung like a Pegasus, he was."
Author: Rob Thurman
23. "Octavia Butler, of course, is brilliant and disturbing."
Author: Sarah Zettel
24. "Then Octavia drops to her knees, rubs the hem of a skirt against her cheek, and burst into tears. "It's been so long," she gasps, "since I've seen anything pretty."
Author: Suzanne Collins
25. "But it's Posy, Gale's five-year-old sister, who helps the most. She scoots along the bench to Octavia and touches her skin with a tentative finger. "You're green. Are you sick?""It's a fashion thing, Posy. Like wearing lipstick," I say."It's meant to be pretty," whispers Octavia, and I can see the tears threatening to spill over her lashes.Posy considers this and says matter-of-factly, "I think you'd be pretty in any color."
Author: Suzanne Collins
26. "I think you'd be pretty in any color."-Posy to Octavia"
Author: Suzanne Collins
27. "Peeta looks at the glass again and puts it together. "You mean this will make me puke?" My prep team laughs hysterically. "Of course, so you can keep eating," says Octavia. "I've been in there twice already. Everyone does it, or else how would you have any fun at a feast?"
Author: Suzanne Collins
28. "It's meant to be pretty," whispers Octavia, and I can see the tears threatening to spill over her lashes.Posy considers this and says matter-of-factly, "I think you'd be pretty in any color."The tiniest of smiles forms on Octavia's lips. "Thank you."
Author: Suzanne Collins

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