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1. "I love Oprah to death."
Author: Alexandra Wentworth
2. "Twenty-four year olds were my new favourite thing. I needed to tell Oprah to put them on her list."
Author: Alice Clayton
3. "I was on Oprah's show recently talking about the people who impacted me the most. One was a teacher and one was my soccer coach. I didn't even go into my family, who had the most influence."
Author: Andrew Shue
4. "I've never seen 'Seinfeld', never seen 'The Cosby Show'; I just don't watch it. I saw half of 'Oprah' one time. I'd rather read."
Author: August Wilson
5. "Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife~spoken to Oprah in an interview"
Author: Beyoncé Knowles
6. "Steadman! Any guy that's got Oprah as a girlfriend, I mean that's a good dude. I want to talk to him."
Author: Billy Bush
7. "I don't think this is the end of Oprah, it's only the beginning. I have a feeling that she'll probably have her own station, and continue to do what she does."
Author: Bonnie Hunt
8. "I just want Tina Fey to be my best friend. And Lena Dunham. And Oprah, too."
Author: Caitlin Moran
9. "Oprah is a wealthy person, pack leader of the human world. So many see her as the dominant one, as the authority figure. The way I view her energy, seeing her on TV, is a very calm, quiet energy. You need, in order to gain control, higher energy than your dog."
Author: Cesar Millan
10. "I wouldn't buy a book simply because I like the cover. I would pick it up. The jacket can call your attention to it. But in that sense, Oprah Winfrey is worth all the jackets in the world. A jacket is basically trying to do what she does all on her own."
Author: Chip Kidd
11. "I like what I do. Some writers have said in print that they hated writing and it was just a chore and a burden. I certainly don't feel that way about it. Sometimes it's difficult. You know, you always have this image of the perfect thing which you can never achieve, but which you never stop trying to achieve. But I think ... that's your signpost and your guide. You'll never get there, but without it you won't get anywhere.[Interview with Oprah Winfrey, June 5, 2007]"
Author: Cormac McCarthy
12. "Oprah's quitting in 2011. Now we know why the Mayans ended their calendar in 2012"
Author: Craig Ferguson
13. "How proud I am to be compared to Oprah. I really admire her. She's a minority woman and she's done all this by herself... I'm very happy to be Oprah with salsa and not Donahue in drag."
Author: Cristina Saralegui
14. "Oprah got her money," she snapped. "You trying to get YOURS! No, turn off that fuckin' TV and get to studying!"
Author: Cupcake Brown
15. "In the moral realm, there is very little consensus left in Western countries over the proper basis of moral behavior. And because of the power of the media, for millions of men and women the only venue where moral questions are discussed and weighed is the talk show, where more often than not the primary aim is to entertain, even shock, not to think. When Geraldo and Oprah become the arbiters of public morality, when the opinion of the latest media personality is sought on everything from abortion to transvestites, when banality is mistaken for profundity because [it's] uttered by a movie star or a basketball player, it is not surprising that there is less thought than hype. Oprah shapes more of the nation's grasp of right and wrong than most of the pulpits in the land. Personal and social ethics have been removed from the realms of truth and structures of thoughts; they have not only been relativized, but they have been democratized and trivialized."
Author: D.A. Carson
16. "High-pitched squeal like a beauty pageant contestant found best in show, Oprah audience member given a new Chevy, rookie actress surprised with an unlikely Oscar."
Author: Dennis Vickers
17. "I owe Oprah and that show a tremendous debt."
Author: Edwidge Danticat
18. "I have to admit, if Oprah were a man, I would marry her."
Author: Gayle King
19. "I know that Oprah and I mean a lot to each other... I know at all times I have somebody that I can count on always."
Author: Gayle King
20. "Oprah has this intense curiosity that I haven't found with any interviewer."
Author: Genevieve Gorder
21. "Driggs, stop it.""What?""You're trying to get me to talk about my feelings.""So?""So you're not Oprah. Leave me alone."
Author: Gina Damico
22. "And second, I don't think there's much of a market for your particular brand of psychology." "So not true.""Butch, you and I just beat the crap out of each other.""You started it. And actually, it would be perfect for Spike TV. UFC meets Oprah. God, I'm brilliant.""Keep telling yourself that.-Butch and V"
Author: J.R. Ward
23. "Meaning what? We're going to pretend nothing's going on? That's stupid. The only way to deal with any of this is to get it out in the open."Have you been watching Oprah again?"
Author: James Patterson
24. "Don't go getting all Oprah on me now, demon."
Author: Jaye Wells
25. "You don't mess with Oprah. She has enough money in her left pocket to have me killed."
Author: Jeff Ross
26. "I was looking through a newspaper and it was an audition for 'Kids Say the Darndest Things,' so I tried out. One thing led to another and I appeared on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' and 'Oprah.'"
Author: JoJo
27. "I'm a coffee expert. I'm not a medical expert, but I play one on TV. - on Oprah Winfrey interview"
Author: Kevin Sinnott
28. "Am I now supposed to go on Oprah and cry and tell you my deepest, darkest secrets because you want to know?"
Author: Kevin Spacey
29. "God's advice trumps Oprah's every time."
Author: Kirk Cameron
30. "While many applauded Oprah for opening her heart to young girls in South Africa, some criticized her for not investing in the youth of America."
Author: Kitty Kelley
31. "Damn, amigo. Just how much Oprah have you been watching since I've been gone?"
Author: Lara Adrian
32. "I think of Oprah as a Mother Joseph wannabe, a daytime oracle rewarding the good and punishing the bad."
Author: Margaret Carlson
33. "I've done all of them except for Oprah. My shoes were on Oprah but they ran out of time so I wasn't on. I left my shoes in Chicago so they could put them on the show."
Author: Matthew McGrory
34. "Raped at age nine by a relative and pregnant at 14 Oprah Winfrey,like many others have experienced the wickedness and brutality ofour society. Sadly, it's an environment where blood lines no longerhold."
Author: Oche Otorkpa
35. "Wulfe leaned in. "Where did you send Ms. Benoit?""Disneyland.""Who knows my connection to the Zetas?" "The US Marshall Service, SWAT, my dentist, Oprah---""How did you know we were coming? Clearly, someone tipped you off.""That guy." Zach points with a jerk of his head toward of of Wulfe's minions. The man looked uncertainly at Wulfe, taking a step backward. "He text me just before you stepped in the elevator."
Author: Pamela Clare
36. "Oprah is more than an institution. Oprah is a very special star in the firmament. I can't imagine a greater success than she's enjoyed."
Author: Phil Donahue
37. "I was in Nepal and I had watched Oprah Winfrey's show. I had no idea, as a kid in Nepal, who she was, but I remember watching an episode of hers about living your dreams."
Author: Prabal Gurung
38. "It's often mistaken for good advice, but wisdom cannot be imparted to someone. Wisdom can only be earned; it's a by-product of experience, not necessarily knowledge, otherwise I would be stalking Oprah right now, begging for a transfusion."
Author: Renée Carlino
39. "I was on the Oprah Winfrey Show once. It was a really slow news day for Oprah, and there were several of us on 'cause none of us was sufficiently interesting by his or herself."
Author: Robert B. Parker
40. "I think Oprah who is the height of aspiration and inspiration recognizes something in me that is germane."
Author: Rosie O'Donnell
41. "Your father abandoned us. (Zephyra)I know. You've told me that enough that it's permanently seared into my brain. Still, he's a part of me and I'd like to have closure. (Medea)You really need to stop watching Oprah. (Zephyra)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
42. "It's four o'clock, guys. I'm going up to watch Oprah. Unless the shop catches fire or we're under massive zombie invasion, I don't exist for the next hour. On second thought, don't bother me if it's zombies – I'll deal with them later. Today's a special episode on how to make peace with people who piss you off. And I definitely need to find my Zen. (Bubba)Your Zen's shooting stuff, Bubba. Embrace your inner violence. (Mark)Fine, then. My inner violence says I'll cut your throat if you bother me until Oprah ends, so sod off. (Bubba)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
43. "Now, if I could get Mark to put down his phone and stop taking breaks, we'd be able to finish up before Oprah comes on." – Bubba"Bubba, what are you going to do when they cancel her show?" – Caleb"Shut your mouth, boy. That's sacrilege in this store. You talk like that, and I'll toss you through the window like an old-timey hobo in a Western." – Bubba"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
44. "Forse oggi ti va di leggermi una poesia", riprese lei. "A tua scelta. Mi mancano tanto. Potrei fare a meno di "Oprah", ma una vita senza libri è una vita di sete, e una vita senza poesia è...". Rise. Lo sconcerto che udii in quella risata mi fece male al cuore. "É come una vita senza quadri, non trovi? O no?"."
Author: Stephen King
45. "I'd like to be the next Oprah financially, but I'm not a TV actor. I'm not someone with an entertainment background, I'm a cop. And I'm not afraid to go anywhere and get down and dirty."
Author: Steve Wilkos
46. "From Sachs to Kristof to Invisible Children to TED, the fastest growth industry in the US is the White Savior Industrial Complex. The white savior supports brutal policies in the morning, founds charities in the afternoon, and receives awards in the evening. The banality of evil transmutes into the banality of sentimentality. The world is nothing but a problem to be solved by enthusiasm. This world exists simply to satisfy the needs - including, importantly, the sentimental needs - of white people and Oprah."
Author: Teju Cole
47. "I was taken to an examining room where a big butch nurse practitioner came in and asked me if I was pregnant. "No way!" Was I sexually active? "Nope!" Had I ever been molested? "Well," I said, trying to make a joke, "Oprah says the only answers to that question are ‘Yes' and ‘I don't remember.' " I laughed. We were having fun. The nurse looked at me, concerned/annoyed."
Author: Tina Fey
48. "By the way, when Oprah Winfrey is suggesting you may have overextended yourself, you need to examine your fucking life."
Author: Tina Fey
49. "I'm extremely blessed to have the extraordinary mother that I have, and I don't mean Diana Ross, I mean the mother. My mom paved a road that didn't exist, as did Oprah."
Author: Tracee Ellis Ross
50. "Oprah is very, very, very special to me. She's an amazing woman."
Author: Tyler Perry

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