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1. "Pantera is the only band I've ever been in, and at the start we used to play covers to make a living."
Author: Dimebag Darrell
2. "He bared thick teeth. ‘I am Zacchariah. My price will be right. You show me now?'In that moment, ten generations of horse-traders counted for more than half a lifetime in the legions. I was my father made young again, itching to make a sale. Abandoning the Eagle – I was a horse-trader, what did I care for a gold bird on a stick, however venerated by the Hebrews? – I gathered Pantera and Horgias about me, and trekked back to the inn of the Cedar Tree.Along the way, we collected Zacchariah's well-muscled younger relatives, three other, unrelated, horse merchants who gazed at him with undisguised venom, a woman who claimed she could more accurately assess the sex of the foal our pregnant mare carried, a bone-setter who set to arguing with Horgias but gave up when his poor Greek met Horgias' worse Greek – and Nicodemus and his seven zealots who stood about as we conducted our business, obviously waiting for a chance to inflict violence upon us."
Author: M.C. Scott
3. "Pantera, as always, was awake. He sat near the window, fletching the last of his arrows by a thin, grey light that bled in past the shutters.Pantera the Leopard, trader and friend of traders; Pantera the Roman spy who claimed to have come from the emperor himself, and had letters enough to persuade a legionary commander in Oescusto give him two men; Pantera, who had picked me from four thousand others because, alone of my century, possibly of my cohort, perhaps of my legion, I could read and write Latin as well as Greek.Out of habit, I cursed my mother's father, who had paid for the tutor, believing that all his grandsons should be literate. For good measure, I cursed my father, and my father's father and all the way back up the line to the misbegotten son of a she-ass who had sold the great Bucephalos to Alexander and thus guaranteed that his descendants would be horse-traders for ever more."
Author: M.C. Scott
4. "Demalion, we're alive.' Pantera's voice was unusually clipped, as if his patience had finally run to an end. ‘If we were trying to get ourselves killed, we three would have managed it, I think. Two officers of the Fifth and a spy trained by Seneca could manage that much at least."
Author: M.C. Scott
5. "They knew of the Vth, my legion, of their skill in battle, of how they had won Antium for Octavian, and then fought against Parthia for Tiberius; they were glad the Vth was not yet on their borders, although concerned that it was camped so close in Moesia. I may have loathed the Vth on principle when I was forced to march in its company, but here it was my legion; the men were my brothers. I caught myself smiling broadly once, or rather, Pantera caught me, and threw me a look that ensured I didn't smile again for the rest of the meal."
Author: M.C. Scott
6. "Why not now?' Horgias said. ‘We could go back in now and take it.'‘You can certainly try.'Pantera rolled his tongue around his teeth and then said something in the native tongue that neither of us understood. When we made no response, he repeated it, more slowly, louder.We looked at each other, and at him. He smiled tightly. ‘I said, "You are Roman and we of Eleazir's party take great pleasure in slaughtering your countrymen. We took five days to skin alive a man who tried to join you. Imagine what we can do now, when we have all winter."'‘Very funny.' I wasn't smiling.Nor was Pantera. ‘If you want to go, I won't stop you. But without fluency in both Aramaic and Hebrew, you will die."
Author: M.C. Scott
7. "Sascha era un arco iris dentro de él, una fontana resplandeciente de una belleza tal, que Lucas se sintió bendecido por tener la posibilidad de verla. Por un instante sus mentes fueron una sola y vio cuán desesperada, salvaje e irracionalmente le amaba Sascha... lo suficiente como para romper su promesa, para elegir morir a fin de que él pu¬diera vivir.Sascha vio hasta qué punto la pantera la adoraba, que su corazón latía solo por ella y que la vida daría paso a la muerte después de que ella se hubiera ido. La bestia estaba furiosa con ella por intentar arrebatarle a su compañera y el hombre lo estaba aún más, pero bajo toda esa ira había deseo, necesidad, amor. Un amor tan intenso y abrasador que no tenía principio ni fin."
Author: Nalini Singh
8. "There has got to be a lot of unreleased video out there, live footage and whatnot. There's always going to be something extra for the Pantera fan."
Author: Phil Anselmo
9. "- Sucharki Podrózne Kapitana Osmiopantera. Poznaje - odezwal sie chochlik. - Bardzo wielu ludziom morza ocalily zycie.- Na pewno. Uzywacie ich jako tratew czy rzucacie rekinom, a potem przygladacie sie, jak tona?"
Author: Terry Pratchett

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