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1. "The park grass looked greener, the park benches looked better and the flowers were trying harder."
Author: Charles Bukowski
2. "The park was littered with couples kissing behind trees and making out on park benches. And paper stars were everywhere; in trees, on the ground, above heads, inside mouths… It was like Valentine's Day.On crack."
Author: Chelsea Fine
3. "You spoke to strangers for hours. Afterward you walked the streets in search of other cafes, but they were closed. You stretched out on the park benches of a square near the Gare Saint-Lazare, and you remarked on the shape of the clouds. At six o'clock you had breakfast. At seven you took the first train home. When, the next day, your friends repeated to you the words you had spoken to strangers in the cafe, you remembered nothing of them. It was as though someone else inside you had spoken. You recognized neither your words, nor your thoughts, but you liked them better than you would have if you had remembered saying them. Often all it took was for someone else to speak your own words back to you for you to like them."
Author: Édouard Levé
4. "Okay, you're right about that. But this whole ghost thing's irritating.""Park benches are irritating to you in some moods.""Depends on whether or not I want to sit down."
Author: Nora Roberts

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