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1. "XXIXTraveler, there is no path.The path is made by walking.Traveller, the path is your tracksAnd nothing more.Traveller, there is no pathThe path is made by walking.By walking you make a pathAnd turning, you look backAt a way you will never tread againTraveller, there is no road Only wakes in the sea."
Author: Antonio Machado
2. "The Pathan people of Waziristan are proud people who I greatly admire."
Author: Greg Mortenson
3. "There were once two sisterswho were not afriad of the darkbecause the dark was full of the other's voiceacross the room,because even when the night was thickand starlessthey walked home together from the riverseeing who could last the longestwithout turning on her flashlight,not afraidbecause sometimes in the pitch of nightthey'd lie on their backsin the middle of the pathand look up until the stars came backand when they did,they'd reach their arms up to touch themand did."
Author: Jandy Nelson
4. "But, Miss Spencer, I should strike a note of caution. I know there have been women archaeologists in Greece, in Turkey. Even Egypt. But this is Peshawar. Pathan men don't much like the idea of women...''Don't much like the idea of women doing what?''Don't much like the idea of women."
Author: Kamila Shamsie
5. "With love you could persuade a Pathan to go to Hell, but by force you couldn't even take him to Heaven."
Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
6. "Ah! Happy they whose hearts can breakAnd peace of pardon win!How else may man make straight his pathAnd cleanse his soul from sin?How else but through a broken heartMay the Lord Christ enter in?"
Author: Oscar Wilde

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Quotes About Pathan
Quotes About Pathan
Quotes About Pathan

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