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1. "Men of Virginia, countrymen of Washington, of Patrick Henry, of Jefferson, and of Madison, will ye be true to your constitutional faith?"
Author: Caleb Cushing
2. "(Patrick Henry) He understood that the home was the foundation of a stable society and that the authority a man "exercised within the larger society was rooted in the authority exercised at home." Thus ... the training ground for all sound leadership is the family."
Author: David J. Vaughan
3. "(Patrick) Henry rightly understood that the moral condition of the American people was a direct product of their religious faith, and that politics and morality were inevitably intertwined. Thus, the political structure ultimately rested on a religious foundation. The "great pillars of all government and of social life, "Henry once observed, are virtue, morality, and religion."
Author: David J. Vaughan
4. "For the average civilized person to whom, as to Patrick Henry, even death is acceptable in the absence of liberty."
Author: Federico Mangahas
5. "Patrick Henry did not say, 'Give me absolutely safety or give me death.' America is supposed to be about freedom."
Author: John Stossel
6. "John Knox's dying words were, 'Lord, grant true pastors to Thy kirk.' Such was the last prayer of a great man without whom there would have been no America, no Puritans, no Pilgrims, no Scottish covenanters, no Presbyterians, no Patrick Henry, no Samuel Adams, no George Washington. Could it have been so simple? John Knox's agenda was far from political. All he wanted were more pastors and elders. This is our agenda. Lord grant true pastors to Thy church!"
Author: Kevin Swanson
7. "Although it was difficult, when he (Patrick Henry) had spoken, to tell what he had said, yet while he was speaking, it always seemed directly to the point."
Author: Thomas Jefferson

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