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1. "In the dark, with the windows lit and the rows of books glittering, the library is a closed space, a universe of self-serving rules that pretend to replace or translate those of the shapeless universe beyond."
Author: Alberto Manguel
2. "Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a 'map' for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project."
Author: Anne Grant
3. "Motivele care-i determina pe oameni sa actioneze sint in numar de trei: a) Egoismul, care determina bunastarea individului; el este fara margini; b) Rautatea, care doreste nenorocirea aproapelui; c) Mila, care vrea binele aproapelui; ea merge pina la noblete si grandoare. Orice actiune omeneasca are drept cauza unul din aceste mobile, lucrind in parte sau impreuna. Egoismul de care cu totii sintem plini si pe care-l ascundem din politete se tradeaza in momentul in care instinctiv cautam in fiecare persoana pe care-o vedem o relatie sau un mijloc de parvenire catre unul din scopurile pe care le urmarim. Cind facem o cunostinta noua primul nostru gind este de a sti daca si cit ne poate fi folositoare; daca nu poate, nu reprezinta nimic pentru noi. Este in natura fiintei umane sa vada in aproapele sau un posibil mijloc pentru a-si atinge scopurile."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
4. "The adversary she found herself forced to fight was not worth matching or beating; it was not a superior ability which she would have found honor in challenging; it was ineptitude—a gray spread of cotton that deemed soft and shapeless, that could offer no resistance to anything or anybody, yet managed to be a barrier in her way."
Author: Ayn Rand
5. "I suffer from a genetic flaw, which is that my mother was a hopeless Pollyanna."
Author: Bill Ayers
6. "Some lurid things have been said about me—that I am a racist, a hopeless alcoholic, a closet homosexual and so forth—that I leave to others to decide the truth of. I'd only point out, though, that if true these accusations must also have been true when I was still on the correct side, and that such shocking deformities didn't seem to count for so much then. Arguing with the Stalinist mentality for more than three decades now, and doing a bit of soapboxing and street-corner speaking on and off, has meant that it takes quite a lot to hurt my tender feelings, or bruise my milk-white skin."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
7. "My dear Prue, we are the inheritors of a wonderful world, a beautiful world, full of life and mystery, goodness and pain. But likewise are we children of an indifferent universe. We break our own hearts imposing our moral order on what is, by nature, a wide web of chaos. It is a hopeless task."
Author: Colin Meloy
8. "Hope is always about the future. And it isn't always good news. Sometimes, hope can imprison us with belief or expectation that something will happen in the future to change our lives. Similarly hopelessness isn't always about despair. Hopelessness can bring us right into this very moment and answer all of life's most difficult questions. Who am I? Where am I? What does this mean? And what now?"
Author: Daniel Gottlieb
9. "Please don't hate you??!! I hate that I love you. Loving you made me waste a year of my life. Lovingyou made me be passionate about nothing but you. Loving you made me take risks I never would haveotherwise. Loving you made me give it up to you. Loving you made me neglect my parents and Amy.Loving you made me not care that my grandma just died. Loving you made me turn out bitter andhopeless like her. Loving you made me hate myself for being dumped by you. Loving you made medeluded, irrational, inconsiderate, and a liar. And because I love you, you're always going to haunt me."
Author: Daria Snadowsky
10. "Fervent Christians are always remembering themselves as - and thus, by extension, judging everyone else outside their sect to be - lost and hopeless and just barely clinging to any kind of interior sense of value or reason or even to go on living, before they were 'saved."
Author: David Foster Wallace
11. "When I looked at the painting I felt the same convergence on a single point: a glancing sun-struck instance that existed now and forever. Only occasionally did I notice the chain on the finch's ankle, or think what a cruel life for a little living creature--fluttering briefly, forced always to land in the same hopeless place."
Author: Donna Tartt
12. "I may be a hopeless romantic happy to get lost between the pages of a hot and steamy novel or a sigh-with-sweetness one, but I'm not naïve enough to believe that those kinds of things happen all the time. Some people will get that kind of love that makes guys wonder and girls swoon, but not everyone."
Author: Emma Hart
13. "Mandela alikuwa hodari ndiyo maana akapelekwa jela. Alikuwa mvumilivu ndiyo maana akakaa jela kwa miaka ishirini na saba. Alivyotoka akawa kiongozi bora wa Afrika Kusini. Utu ukafanya awasamehe binadamu wenzake. Urithi wa Nelson Mandela kwetu ni uhodari, uvumilivu, uongozi bora, utu na msamaha kwa binadamu wenzetu. Mandela alikuwa baba kwa familia yake. Kwa Afrika Kusini alikuwa mlezi wa ndoto, ya amani na uhuru."
Author: Enock Maregesi
14. "É a primeira vez que lhe toca na pele nua.A reacção no ar é imediata. Uma corrente súbita de energia tonificante e luminosa ondula através da sala. O candelabro começa a tremer.A sensação que passa vertiginosamente pela pele de Marco é intensa e profunda, iniciando-se no ponto onde a palma da mão se encontra com a dela, mas alastrando-se a partir daí, numa distância maior e mais profunda"
Author: Erin Morgenstern
15. "Who would be free themselves must strike the blow...I urge you to fly to arms and smite to death the power that would bury the Government and your liberty in the same hopeless grave. This is your golden opportunity."
Author: Frederick Douglass
16. "The world is bad but not without hope. It is only hopeless when you look at it from an ideal viewpoint."
Author: Friedrich Durrenmatt
17. "It's precisely in despair that you find the most intense pleasure, especially if you are already powerfully conscious of the hopelessness of your predicament."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
18. "No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from."
Author: George Eliot
19. "Te lo juro, jamás estuve tan vivo como cuando peleaba por este trono, ni tan muerto como ahora que lo tengo."
Author: George R.R. Martin
20. "The irony of this endeavor is palpable, for English itself is a hopeless hodgepodge of other tongues, with more exceptions than rules, more chaos than order, and enough new words created each day to keep the Oxford English Dictionary folks very, very busy."
Author: George Takei
21. "A giant octopus living way down deep at the bottom of the ocean. It has this tremendously powerful life force, a bunch of long, undulating legs, and it's heading somewhere, moving through the darkness of the ocean… It takes on all kinds of different shapes—sometimes it's 'the nation,' and sometimes it's 'the law,' and sometimes it takes on shapes that are more difficult and dangerous than that. You can try cutting off its legs, but they just keep growing back. Nobody can kill it. It's too strong, and it lives too far down in the ocean. Nobody knows where its heart is. What I felt then was a deep terror. And a kind of hopelessness, a feeling that I could never run away from this thing, no matter how far I went. And this creature, this thing doesn't give a damn that I'm me or you're you. In its presence, all human beings lose their names and their faces. We all turn into signs, into numbers."
Author: Haruki Murakami
22. "Bir gün gelecek, binalarimiz çökecek, otomobiller hurdaya dönmüs olacak, uçaklardan ve roketlerden kurtulmus olacagiz, tekerlegin ve atomun parçalanmasini bulmus olmaktan vazgeçecegiz, mavi tepelerden taze bir rüzgâr esecek ve cigerlerimizi alabildigine dolduracak, ölmüs olacagiz ve soluk alacagiz; bu, hayatin ta kendisi olacak.Çöllerde sular tükenecek, biz yeniden çöllere dönebilecegiz ve vahiylere kulak verecegiz, savanlar, göller ve akarsular ariliklariyla bizi çagiracak, elmaslar kayalarin içinde kalacak ve pariltilari hepimizi aydinlatacak, balta girmemis ormanlar, bizi düsüncelerimizin karanlik ormanindan çekip alacak, düsünmeye ve aci çekmeye son verecegiz; bu, kurtulusun ta kendisi olacak."
Author: Ingeborg Bachmann
23. "Many were the steps taken in doubt, that saw their shapeless ends in no time. Those who travail in faith today will truimph in joy tomorrow. Let faith lead the way."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
24. "Love is shapeless and colorless and tasteless and odorless. But so is God, so how can you believe in one and not the other?"
Author: Jarod Kintz
25. "As they were walking, a beggar came up, holding his hand out and crying, "Baksheesh! Baksheesh!"Mike kept on going but Mitchell stopped. Digging into his pocket, he pulled out twenty paise and placed it in the beggar's dirty hand.Mike said, "I used to give to beggars when I first came here. But then I realized, it's hopeless. It never stops.""Jesus said you should give to whoever asks you," Mitchell said."Yeah, well," Mike said, "obviously Jesus was never in Calcutta."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
26. "Just those three words, said and meant. I love you.They were quite hopeless. He said it as he might have said, I have cancer.His fairy story."
Author: John Fowles
27. "Senyum bagi manusia adalah ibarat cahaya matahari bagi bunga.Kelihatannya sepele, tetapi apabila disebarkan sepanjang hidup, manfaatnya tidak bisa dihitung."
Author: Joseph Addison
28. "In Berlin, things are serious but not hopeless. In Vienna, they are hopeless but not serious."
Author: Karl Kraus
29. "Edna felt depressed rather than soothed after leaving them. The little glimpse of domestic harmony which had been offered her, gave her no regret, no longing. It was not a condition of life which fitted her, and she could see in it but an apalling and hopeless ennui. She was moved by a kind of commiseration for Madame Ratignolle, - a pity for that colorless existence which never uplifted its possessor beyond the region of blind contentment, in which no moment of anguish ever visited her soul, in which she would never have the taste of life's delirium. Edna vaguely wondered what she meant by "life's delirium." It had crossed her thought like some unsought, extraneous impression."
Author: Kate Chopin
30. "I am afraid of falling into hopeless despair, over my wasted life, and I am still not sure how it happened."
Author: Margaret Atwood
31. "No começo, Liesel não conseguiu dizer nada. Talvez fosse a súbita turbulência do amor que sentiu por ele. Ou será que sempre o tinha amado? Era provável. Impedida como estava de falar, desejou que ele a beijasse. Quis que ele arrastasse sua mão e a puxasse para si. Não importava onde a beijasse. Na boca, no pescoço, na face. Sua pele estava vazia para o beijo, esperando."
Author: Markus Zusak
32. "Es fácil que la gente se comporte como amiga cuando uno es rico, pero muy pocos harán lo mismo cuando uno es pobre. Si la riqueza es un imán, la pobreza es una especie de repelente."
Author: Nelson Mandela
33. "And another way of explaining it is to say that shit happens, and there's no space too small, too dark and airless and fucking hopeless, for people to crawl into."
Author: Nick Hornby
34. "Se miran, se presienten, se desean,se acarician, se besan, se desnudan,se respiran, se acuestan, se olfatean,se penetran, se chupan, se demudan,se adormecen, despiertan, se iluminan,se codician, se palpan, se fascinan,se mastican, se gustan, se babean,se confunden, se acoplan, se disgregan,se aletargan, fallecen, se reintegran,se distienden, se enarcan, se menean,se retuercen, se estiran, se caldean,se estrangulan, se aprietan, se estremecen,se tantean, se juntan, desfallecen,se repelen, se enervan, se apetecen,se acometen, se enlazan, se entrechocan,se agazapan, se apresan, se dislocan,se perforan, se incrustan, se acribillan,se remachan, se injertan, se atornillan,se desmayan, reviven, resplandecen,se contemplan, se inflaman, se enloquecen,se derriten, se sueldan, se calcinan, se desgarran, se muerden, se asesinan, resucitan, se buscan, se refriegan, se rehúyen, se evaden y se entregan."
Author: Oliverio Girondo
35. "The Florida peninsula is, in fact, an emerging plateau, honeycombed with voids and vents, caves and underground waterways. Travelers on Interstate Highway I-75 have no idea that, beneath them, are cave labyrinths still being mapped by speleologists - 'cavers,' they prefer to be called."
Author: Randy Wayne White
36. "Mr. Grace sounded like a very small child, helpless, hopeless. I had made him fuck himself with his own big tool, like one of those weird experiences you read about in the Penthouse Forum. I had taken off his witch doctor's mask and made him human. But I didn't hold it against him. To err is only human, but it's divine to forgive. I believe that sincerely."
Author: Richard Bachman
37. "I've seen that mixture of resignation and hopelessness before; its usually in my mirror."
Author: Seanan McGuire
38. "Its pointless. Hopeless. Even if she weren't afraid of me, we'll always be enemies at the core. She rules a wicked, selfish city, and my tribe suffers for her peoples comfort. Shes a queen; I'm her prisoner. I resent her and she fears me, and there are times when I fear her, too. I am her monster, and she is mine. But right now none of it matters."
Author: Stacey Jay
39. "I want to stay with you." it was easier to say in the darkness, knowing as i spoke my voice would betray me, my hopeless addiction to him."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
40. "Don't let the evil actions of broken people define your view of our world! Don't be terrorized into a diluted, hopeless reality."
Author: Steve Maraboli
41. "I often hear people say that they read to escape reality, but I believe that what they're really doing is reading to find reason for hope, to find strength. While a bad book leaves readers with a sense of hopelessness and despair, a good novel, through stories of values realized, of wrongs righted, can bring to readers a connection to the wonder of life. A good novel shows how life can and ought to be lived. It not only entertains but energizes and uplifts readers."
Author: Terry Goodkind
42. "Whatever may have been said of the satiety of pleasure and of the disgust which usually follows passion, any man who has anything of a heart and who is not wretchedly and hopelessly blasé feels his love increased by his happiness, and very often the best way to retain a lover ready to leave is to give one's self up to him without reserve."
Author: Théophile Gautier
43. "On the face of things, we were hopelessly mismatched, but somehow we fit together perfectly."
Author: Tiffany Baker
44. "By using money as the scapegoat and work as our all-consuming routine, we are able to conveniently disallow ourselves to do otherwise: 'John, I'd love to talk about the gaping void I feel in my life, the hopelessness that hits me like a punch in the eye every time I start my computer in the morning, but I have so much work to do! I've got at least three hours of unimportant email to reply to before calling prospects who said 'no' yesterday. Gotta run!"
Author: Timothy Ferriss
45. "Once day when the final trumpet sounds and my life is over...It won't matter anymore if I Rich or Poor, Democratic or Republican, Catholic or Protestant. What will mater will be my spiritual relationship with God and out of love & reverence for him that I did all I could to help those in need and in despair. Bringing HOPE to the HOPELESS is the Greatest Badge I can Ever Wear!"
Author: Timothy Pina
46. "Mind sees ghost when frightened and hopeless."
Author: Toba Beta
47. "Sreo sam na ulici vrlo siromašnog, zaljubljenog mladica. Šešir mu star, kaput otrcan, ogrtac progledao na laktovima, cipele mu vodu propuštale – ali duša mu bijaše posuta zvijezdama."
Author: Victor Hugo
48. "These early Saints were indeed homeless, but they were not hopeless. Their hearts were broken, but their spirits were strong. They had learned a profound and important lesson. They had learned that hope, with its attendant blessings of peace and joy, does not depend upon circumstance. They had discovered that the true source of hope is faith—faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His infinite Atonement, the one sure foundation upon which to build our lives."
Author: Wilford W. Andersen
49. "In the secret recesses of man's nature the grace is given disposing and enabling him to yield. Though the will must at last act from its own resources and deliberate impulse, it is influenced through the feeling and the understanding in such a manner as to give it strength. It is utterly hopeless to penetrate this mystery: it is the secret between God's Spirit and man's agency. There is a Divine operation which works the desire and acts in such a manner as not to interfere with the natural freedom of the will. The man determines himself, through Divine grace, to salvation: never so free as when swayed by grace."
Author: William Burton Pope
50. "As much as you can, keep dunya (worldly life) in your hand--not in your heart. That means when someone insults you, keep it out of your heart so it doesn't make you bitter or defensive. When someone praises you, also keep it out of your heart, so it doesn't make you arrogant and self-deluded. When you face hardship and stress, don't absorb it in your heart, so you don't become hopeless and overwhelmed. Instead keep it in your hands and realize that everything passes. When you're given a gift by God, don't hold it in your heart. Hold it in your hand so that you don't begin to love the gift more than the giver. And so that when it is taken away you can truly respond with 'inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon': 'indeed we belong to God, and to God we return'."
Author: Yasmin Mogahed

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