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1. "People should be left to believe what they like, so long as they harm no one else. Apart from normal expectations of politeness, it is not however clear why people should require their personal beliefs to be treated with special sensitivity by others, to the point that if others fail to tip-toe respectfully around them they will start throwing bombs."
Author: A.C. Grayling
2. "She had recently come to think that in such unhappy times-when the odds were so high against personal happiness-to find love was miraculous, and to fulfill it as best as two people could was what really mattered. Was it more important to insist a man's religious beliefs be exactly hers, or that the two of them have in common ideals, a desire to keep love in their lives, and to preserve in every possible way what was best in themselves? The less difference among people, the better; thus she settled it for herself yet was dissatisfied for those for whom she hadn't settled it,"
Author: Bernard Malamud
3. "I design my start-up ventures around my own personal beliefs and values."
Author: Cindy Gallop
4. "A lie believed acts as truth until it is neutralized." The false beliefs you hold about your life become the personal laws of your life, holding you prisoner until you break your agreement with them."
Author: Derek Rydall
5. "It's my own deep-rooted feeling that our souls never truly die and that life continues in some way. I know I need to have patience as my beliefs continue to evolve with my personal growth. As I've looked around at the things I do have in my life, I've gradually started to trust in life again, little by little. I think, "How could all of these other amazing things come into my life if there was not something larger than me?"
Author: Elizabeth Berrien
6. "To help our youth abide by the principles involved in temple marriage, we must help them to understand that temple marriage is more than just a place where the ceremony occurs; it is a whole orientation to life and marriage and home. It is a culmination of building attitudes toward the Church, chastity, and about our personal relationship with God--and many other things. "Thus, simply preaching temple marriage is not enough. Our family home evenings, seminaries, institutes, and auxiliaries must build toward this goal, not by exhortation alone but by showing that the beliefs and attitudes involved in temple marriage are those which can bring the kind of life here and in eternity that most humans really want for themselves" (The Teachings of Harold B. Lee, p. 244)."
Author: Harold B. Lee
7. "Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.~Kuan Yin"
Author: Hope Bradford
8. "All central beliefs on human matters spring from a personal predicament."
Author: Isaiah Berlin
9. "A soldier's duty…" Taylor intoned the last word in a voice of granite, "is to do an honest day's work in dishonest times… and to make the best out of the worst fucking mess imaginable. It means… believing in your heart that some things are more important than your personal devils… or even your personal beliefs. It means the willingness to give up… everything." Taylor sat back in his chair, never breaking eye contact. "And sometimes it just means lacing up your boots one more time when the whole world's going to shit."
Author: Ralph Peters
10. "As long as Christianity is the dominant belief system in America, we cannot afford to be biblically or theologically illiterate, regardless of our personal beliefs. (p. 8)"
Author: Robin R. Meyers
11. "Many people who say they have no religion are simply saying they have no official religious affiliation. They may actually have strong personal beliefs."
Author: Rodney Stark
12. "Our beliefs about how much personal control people have over their lives, which are shaped in part by the level of individualism to which we have been exposed, also play an important role in our preferences for allocating choice."
Author: Sheena Iyengar
13. "Values are deeply held personal beliefs that form your own priority code for living."
Author: Stan Slap
14. "I have enjoyed the personal use of money; but I have gotten the greatest satisfaction from using it to advance my beliefs in human relations, human values."
Author: Winthrop Rockefeller

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