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1. "I hate philosphy about love."
Author: Akash Lal Karotia
2. "Those two little words -- says you -- are the most powerful argument in any discipline: theology, philosphy, even domestic harmony. They are powerful because they are true. Whenever you say something, it is you who says it. You. And what do you know?"
Author: J. Mark Bertrand
3. "Many of the religious apologists out there are not stupid people, they are often brilliant. People working in the field of theology and philosphy smart people everywhere. What they are those religious apologists are smart poeple who can build these amazingly intricate rationalizations for whatever weird practice they favor. Whether it's ritual cannibalism, or praying to spirits, or treating women as chattel. And they always building this on terrible shaky foundation of false premises."
Author: P.Z. Myers

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Quotes About Philosphy
Quotes About Philosphy
Quotes About Philosphy

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