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1. "In the big house opposite someone was playing the piano at Dolzhikov's. It was beginning to get dark, and stars were twinkling in the sky. Here my father, in an old top-hat with wide upturned brim, walked slowly by with my sister on his arm, bowing in response to greetings."Look up," he said to my sister, pointing to the sky with the same umbrella with which he had beaten me that afternoon. "Look up at the sky! Even the tiniest stars are all worlds! How insignificant is man in comparison with the universe!"And he said this in a tone that suggested that it was particularly agreeable and flattering to him that he was so insignificant. How absolutely devoid of talent and imagination he was!"
Author: Anton Chekhov
2. "I've had too lengthy a career and coached too many players to make a choice."
Author: Chuck Daly
3. "I was blessed to work with The Jazz Messengers when the two piano players were Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea."
Author: Chuck Mangione
4. "David Gilmour can do more with one note than most other guitar players can do with the whole fretboard"
Author: Dave Mustaine
5. "But if you listen to great piano players, both classical and jazz, there's a huge range of dynamics and colors and emotional expression that's possible with the instrument."
Author: Gary Burton
6. "I've really got no complaints about the way I played, just extremely frustrating with the putter and I'm sure there's a lot of other players saying the same thing except the guy who's going to win the golf tournament."
Author: Greg Norman
7. "In my piano concerto I developed this polyphony to much higher complexity."
Author: Gyorgy Ligeti
8. "I was fifteen years old, and I hardly knew how to play a simple Bach prelude on the piano when I began to compose music, and at the most advanced level. I had never studied such things as harmony."
Author: Gyorgy Ligeti
9. "The biggest difference is in the leadership. It was better for us. We had more coaches and mentors to help us. A lot of the younger players today suffer from a lack of direction."
Author: Isaiah Thomas
10. "People sort of know me for that solo piano music I did."
Author: John Cale
11. "Coaching takes patience. I'm more enthused when teaching players who want it versus when I have to."
Author: Kevin Garnett
12. "My big influences are piano artists like Billy Joel and Elton John."
Author: Kyle Dunnigan
13. "All of us have secrets in our lives. We're keepers or keptfrom, players or played. Secrets and cockroaches — that's what will be left at the end of it all."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
14. "I just think overall a lot of it has to do with conditioning and players putting in the time and the effort in the off-season to keep themselves in condition for 12 months a year."
Author: Mark Messier
15. "I'm very fond of piano players."
Author: Michael Parkinson
16. "She would drink until the trembling stopped. Then she would wilt over the piano like one of Celia's spinaches when Tam Lin forgot to water the garden."
Author: Nancy Farmer
17. "I'd bring our big players out to the perimeter and make them run the play like a guard, so they saw the play from that angle as well as their own. When one of our bigs got upset if a guard didn't make a play, I'd say, "Fine. You go play point."
Author: Pat Summitt
18. "I taught myself off records, Memphis Slim, them old piano players, then added to it. Yeah, hard and loud, beat it to pieces."
Author: Pinetop Perkins
19. "I think I'm a very poor piano player."
Author: Ray Manzarek
20. "When you have a core group of young players as we do, the future looks bright."
Author: Saku Koivu
21. "As a young man just beginning to publish some short fiction in the t&a magazines, I was fairly optimistic about my chances of getting published; I knew that I had some game, as the basketball players say these days, and I also felt that time was on my side; sooner or later the best-selling writers of the sixties and seventies would either die or go senile, making room for newcomers like me."
Author: Stephen King
22. "The Rooneys are very classy. They're very deliberate with their decision-making. Once you're part of that family, Steeler nation, they treat you with respect. You don't have a lot of rambunctious players running around."
Author: Tony Dorsett

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