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1. "He would have shaved the centaurs, dipped them in honey, covered them with feathers, and hung them up like a bunch of pinatas. I'm just saying." - Warren"
Author: Brandon Mull
2. "I rarely cry. I save my feelings up inside me like I have something more specific in mind for them. I am waiting for the exact perfect situationand then BOOM! I'll explode in a light show of feeling and emotion - a pinata stuffed with tender nuances and pent-up passions"
Author: Carrie Fisher
3. "Mama and I sat on a burping bus full of chickens in cages, and round-eyed babies on round mothers' laps. (The Pinata-Maker's Daughter)"
Author: Eileen Granfors
4. "Look at me, you chatty bitch, I'm a goddamn pinata! Fuck off and let me sleep before I puke up a kidney on your slutty leather pants!"
Author: Jesse Hajicek
5. "I feel like a human pinata. The disappointing thing is, no candy is going to spill out."
Author: Katie Couric
6. "Se la morte, signor mio, fosse come uno di quegl'insetti strani, schifosi, che qualcuno inopinatamente ci scopre addosso... Lei passa per via; un altro passante, all'improvviso, lo ferma e, cauto, con due dita protese, le dice: «Scusi, permette? lei, egregio signore, ci ha la morte addosso». E con quelle due dita protese, gliela piglia e gliela butta via... Sarebbe magnifica! Ma la morte non è come uno di questi insetti schifosi. Tanti che passeggiano disinvolti e alieni, forse ce l'hanno addosso; nessuno la vede; ed essi pensano intanto tranquilli a ciò che faranno domani o doman l'altro."
Author: Luigi Pirandello
7. "Don't tell me it's going to fucking be okay! I am not okay with being that fucker's pinata!"
Author: Nenia Campbell
8. "They were paragons of conservative propriety in public, but in private they swung like pinatas."
Author: Nicole Peeler
9. "Warren is stuck in Sunday School-level, pretheological fundamentalism. It is religious infantilism of the kind that Freud to conclude that religion is nothing more than neurotic wishful thinking and the refusal to grow up. I believe there is a good bit more to religion than that, but I'm afraid Freud was right about Warrenism. It is a pinata, made of brightly colored paper, filled with sweet candy, and too easily knocked apart."
Author: Robert M. Price

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