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1. "Politicians: Pinocchios with nose jobs."
Author: Bauvard
2. "A thousand woodpeckers flew in through the window and settled themselves on Pinocchio's nose."
Author: Carlo Collodi
3. "At such a loving invitation, Pinocchio, with one leap from the back of the orchestra, found himself in the front rows. With another leap, he was on the orchestra leader's head. With a third, he landed on the stage."
Author: Carlo Collodi
4. "Pinocchio, spurred on by the hope of finding his father and of being in time to save him, swam all night long."
Author: Carlo Collodi
5. "Where are the gold pieces now?' the Fairy asked. 'I lost them,' answered Pinocchio, but he told a lie, for he had them in his pocket. As he spoke, his nose, long though it was, became at least two inches longer."
Author: Carlo Collodi
6. "After they had gone another mile, Pinocchio heard the same little low voice saying to him:'Bear it in mind, simpleton! Boys who refuse to study, and turn their backs upon books, schools, and masters, to pass their time in play and amusements, sooner or later come to a bad end... I know it by experience... and I can tell you. A day will come when you will weep as I am weeping now... but then it will be too late!...'On hearing these words whispered very softly, the puppet, more frightened than ever, sprang down from the back of his donkey and went and took hold of his mouth.Imagine his surprise when he found that the donkey was crying... and he was crying like a boy!"
Author: Carlo Collodi
7. "Are you not afraid of death?'I am not in the least afraid!... I would rather die than drink that bitter medicine.'At that moment the door of the room flew open, and four rabbits as black as ink entered carrying on their shoulders a little bier.What do you want with me?' cried Pinocchio, sitting up in bed in a great fright.We are come to take you,' said the biggest rabbit.To take me?... But I am not yet dead!...'No, not yet: but you have only a few minutes to live, as you have refused the medicine that would have cured you of the fever.'Oh, Fairy, Fairy!' the puppet then began to scream, 'give me the tumbler at once... be quick, for pity's sake, for I will not die--no... I will not die...."
Author: Carlo Collodi
8. "If u were Pinocchio, ur nose wld span the state."
Author: J. Lynn
9. "He was Pinocchio to my Gepetto."
Author: Jenny O'Connell
10. "New Orleans is like the bad-kid island in 'Pinocchio.'"
Author: Jonah Hill
11. "I hated Pinocchio. I think I was the only one in the class who hated him. Pinocchio was alive, but that was not enough for him. He could walk and talk and touch things in the real world, but he spent the whole book wanting more.Pinocchio didn't know how lucky he was."
Author: Matthew Green
12. "I´d read fantasy if they had simple names like Jane and Bob from Wagga," I say. "Why does it have to be Tehrana and Bihaad from the World of Sceehina?"Jimmy looks at my mother and rolls his eyes. "No wonder they call her bimbo behind her back."And my mum laughs.And because of that, Mark Viduka, the soccer player, stops being my brothers hero, and Luca and Pinocchio run after Jimmy like he´s their idol."
Author: Melina Marchetta
13. "There's a whole psychological reason for those cartoons about good against evil. We have "Superman" and all those other hero people, so that we can go out into life and try to be something. I've got most of Disney's animated movies on video-tapes, and when we watch them. Oh, I could just eat it, eat it. […] Jimmy Cricket, Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse – these are world-known characters. Some of the greatest political figures have come to the United States to meet them."
Author: Michael Jackson
14. "You sick, twisted monster," Sabrina seethed at Pinocchio."
Author: Michael Buckley
15. "But, Dad! We can't leave. Uncle Jake is hurt!" Daphne said. "Besides, that's Pinocchio. I want to get an autograph."
Author: Michael Buckley
16. "I might have been made of metal once, but not anymore. Like Pinocchio, I'd turned into a real girl. So far it sucked. But there was nothing I could do about it."
Author: Natalie Standiford
17. "Twisted and perverse are the ways of the human mind," Jane intoned. "Pinocchio was such a dolt to try to become a real boy. He was much better off with a wooden head."
Author: Orson Scott Card
18. "Just so ya know, mate, superpowers come at a cost.""What superpowers are you-""Oi, listen. D'ya know Pinocchio? The wooden lad. Yeah, his superpower was ta lie ta everyone about anythin' he saw fit. An' I think 'tis cool if y'ask me. But it had a cost, it did. His nose grew longer with every lie. Ha! Ya see?""No, I don't.""We're reality's lies mate. An' there's a cost ta'r existence."-Robert Cassidy, on people with paranormal abilities."
Author: Yannis Karatsioris

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