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1. "I get a different kind of lyric from someone else that might make me go in a different musical direction."
Author: Barry Mann
2. "She went out and took a last long look at the shabby little library. She knew she would never see it again. Eyes changed after they looked at new things. If in the years to be she were to come back, her new eyes might make everything seem different from the way she saw it now. The way it was now was the way she wanted to remember it."
Author: Betty Smith
3. "...Once again confirms that there is no such thing as genetically pure classification into different races."
Author: Bryan Sykes
4. "Yet hopefully things are different now, and I'm moving on to something better rather than attempting to suck more out of the same stale situation."
Author: Doug Cooper
5. "A tablet replacing an exercise book is not innovation, it's just a different way to make notes."
Author: Geoff Mulgan
6. "The key to the city of Florence was about two feet long, and painted a garish gold.Hamilton was fascinated by it. "Wow! How big is the lock?"Jonah laughed. "There is no lock, cuz. It's an honorary gig. Back in my crib in LA, I've got a whole shed full of keys from different cities. Want to know the kicker? I can't get at them. The gardener lost the key to the shed."
Author: Gordon Korman
7. "The rule of songwriting: say what you want to say, say it again, say it a different way, then say it again."
Author: Hunter Hayes
8. "I was a bit of a show-off in school and loved playing dress-up, and my passion for it just grew as I got older."
Author: Jai Courtney
9. "Back in East St. Louis, tennis wasn't the real thing. If you weren't playing baseball, basketball, football, you were kind of on the outside."
Author: Jimmy Connors
10. "It's less about the physical training, in the end, than it is about the mental preparation: boxing is a chess game. You have to be skilled enough and have trained hard enough to know how many different ways you can counterattack in any situation, at any moment."
Author: Jimmy Smits
11. "I'm now comfortable playing a lot of the old songs, and I've gotten out a lot of the old equipment."
Author: John Fogerty
12. "Life is a caravan, and on this journey we sleep in many tents. Tomorrow I shall sleep in a different tent."
Author: John Speed
13. "You can track elections by who was playing that president on 'SNL' at that time. There's the theory that the more likable or charismatic impression would help get the president elected."
Author: Jordan Peele
14. "Teen pop will never die as long as there are teens and popular music. It just takes a different head."
Author: Justin Timberlake
15. "Most folks got Id and Ego living on different floors in their head's house, in different rooms, and they've locked all the doors between them, and nailed sheets of plywood over that, because they think they're, like, sworn enemies that can't hang together.Ro thought the whole subconscious/conscious issue had something to do with why I am the way I am. She said I have the neurological condition synesthesia out the ass, with all kinds of cross regions of my brain talking to each other. Old witch was always psychoanalyzing me (as in she was the psycho and I was being analyzed). She said my Id and Ego are best buds, they don't just live on the same floor, they share a bed.I'm cool with that. Frees up space for other stuff.I take off, tune out, and do what I do best.Kill."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
16. "I'm happy I was able to stick through it and was being very disciplined with what I had to do, because I know eventually hard work will pay off. It's only a matter of now just trying to make sure I get matches under my belt and I feel more and more comfortable playing matches."
Author: Kim Clijsters
17. "Her body feels different, no longer taut and sinewy but sponge-like fluid. Saturated. It has a different energy, a deep orangy-like pink, like the inside of a hibiscus."
Author: Margaret Atwood
18. "I am different - if you can find another like me, then I will buy you dinner!"
Author: Mario Balotelli
19. "And I think I often choose to do something because it's quite different from what I've done before."
Author: Neil Jordan
20. "If you're playing within your capability, what's the point? If you're not pushing your own technique to its own limits with the risk that it might just crumble at any moment, then you're not really doing your job."
Author: Nigel Kennedy
21. "The 'dance of love' has different themes and moods, just like every relationship has its highs and lows. Enjoy the high moments and hang-on during the downtimes. The diverse range of emotions is the experience that builds you two. Your ability to perfectly switch between these moments and make the best out of the one you find yourself per time, proves that you are not only involved in the relationship like the chicken is in the business of making eggs but also very committed to it like the pig is in the business of making bacon."
Author: Olaotan Fawehinmi
22. "Create inclusion - with simple mindfulness that others might have a different reality from your own."
Author: Patti Digh
23. "Think of how strange the colours and sights of the world would be for a blind man abruptly made to see or a man deaf from birth hearing the playing of a hundred flutes"
Author: Paul Hoffman
24. "Doing a piece on film is completely different from doing it onstage."
Author: Samantha Mathis
25. "Even I don't know myself... In fact, I don't know if I really have a self at all, as I'm constantly playing different roles and pretending – not so much on stage as in real life..."
Author: Simona Panova
26. "All I will say is that I'm playing a lot of different roles that, to be honest, are more interesting and demanding than any I've played before."
Author: Sophie Marceau
27. "Each of us has an equal amount of Shadow and Light buried in our souls. What makes us different is how much Shadow we choose to suppress, and how much Light we choose to show."
Author: Taylor Chackowsky
28. "As an actor, you come in contact with so many different people and cultures. It makes you a more accepting person."
Author: Taylor Spreitler
29. "Being in the stands is very difficult. I was never playing but I am nervous watching, waiting."
Author: Yannick Noah

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