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1. "Listen, twenty years ago, it wasn't so cool to have a calculator watch, right? And spending all day inside playing with your calculator watch sent a clear message that you weren't doing so well socially. And judgments like ‘like' and ‘dislike' and ‘smiles' and ‘frowns' were limited to junior high. Someone would write a note and it would say, ‘Do you like unicorns and stickers?' and you'd say, ‘Yeah, I like unicorns and stickers! Smile!' That kind of thing. But now it's not just junior high kids who do it, it's everyone, and it seems to me sometimes I've entered some inverted zone, some mirror world where the dorkiest shit in the world is completely dominant. The world has dorkified itself."
Author: Dave Eggers
2. "Me, too," I said. And then we stopped talking for a while as Adam strummed an unfamiliar melody. I asked him what he was playing."I'm calling it ‘The Girlfriend's-Going-to-Juilliard-Leaving-My-Punk-Heart-in-Shreds Blues,' " he said, singing the title in an exaggeratedly twangyvoice. Then he smiled that goofy shy smile that I felt like came from the truest part of him. "I'm kidding.""Good," I said."
Author: Gayle Forman
3. "I'm really just playing when I write. I feel like I'm a kid again. I want my characters to do and say things like when I played with dolls!"
Author: Lori Lesko

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Quotes About Playing Like A Kid
Quotes About Playing Like A Kid

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