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1. "America, the plum blossoms are falling."
Author: Allen Ginsberg
2. "Three Haiku, Two Tanka(Kyoto)CONFIDENCE (after Basho) Clouds murmur darkly, it is a blinding habit— gazing at the moon. TIME OF JOY (after Buson) Spring means plum blossoms and spotless new kimonos for holiday whores. RENDEZVOUS (after Shiki) Once more as I wait for you, night and icy wind melt into cold rain. FOR SATORI In the spring of joy, when even the mud chuckles, my soul runs rabid, snaps at its own bleeding heels, and barks: "What is happiness?" SOMBER GIRL She never saw fire from heaven or hotly fought with God; but her eyes smolder for Hiroshima and the cold death of Buddha."
Author: Philip Appleman
3. "Describe plum-blossoms?Better than my verses...whiteWordless Butterflies"
Author: Reikan

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Quotes About Plum Blossoms
Quotes About Plum Blossoms
Quotes About Plum Blossoms

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