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1. "This wobbly worldhost to insects and lintand a thousand pithy waysto feel unserious each minuteIt brings abouta great softening of the mind, likethe clouded edges of sea glass (thisfilter you could download and apply)A poultice or an opiate,rigidly individual. Aloneand erasing sentences to splinters.(Poem No. 5)"
Author: Erin J. Watson
2. "You could make a poultice out of mud to cool a fever. You could plant seeds in mud and grow a crop to feed your children. Mud would nourish you, where fire would only consume you, but fools and children and young girls would choose fire every time."
Author: George R.R. Martin
3. "It turns out that sharing the past with someone is different from reliving it when you're alone. It feels less like a wound and more like a poultice."
Author: Jodi Picoult
4. "You're getting well,' Samuel said. 'Some people think it's an insult to the glory of their sickness to get well. But the time poultice is no respecter of glories. Everyone gets well if he waits around."
Author: John Steinbeck
5. "She gathered some brown seaweed and made a flat damp poultice of it, and this she applied to the baby's swollen shoulder, which was as good a remedy as any and probably better than the doctor could have done. But the remedy lacked his authority because it was simple and didn't cost anything."
Author: John Steinbeck
6. "Is being burnt a requisite for the making of art? Personally, I don't think it is. But art is poultice for a burn. It is a privilege to have, somewhere within you, a capacity for making something speak from your own seared experience."
Author: Molly Peacock
7. "Oh, darling, just look at your poor face. You're going to need an herb poultice and a fresh piece of steak for that wound.""And here I was looking forward to eating dinner, not wearing it on my face."
Author: Tracy Anne Warren

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