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1. "And it blew my mind when I started to get wind of the fact that they actually liked me being around. That was humbling, because Kentucky basketball is a big deal, and I am not the biggest fan - I am just the most notorious one."
Author: Ashley Judd
2. "Advising the average person to not concern herself with calories but instead to pay attention to hunger triggers and eating foods rick in nutrients--well, it's a wonderful concept. I also love the thought of unicorns jumping over cotton candy rainbows. I'm even considering taking up basketball to see if it makes me taller. Come on already! Suggesting that someone who struggles with his weight does not need to think about calories is as risky as suggesting you not look at price tags the next time you're in the market for a car."
Author: Chalene Johnson
3. "Do you think that God will punish them for not practicing a religion which he did not reveal to them?"
Author: Charles De Secondat
4. "I enjoyed practicing law."
Author: George J. Mitchell
5. "I either run or try to play basketball every day."
Author: Harold Ford Jr.
6. "I am sure that no man can derive more pleasure from money or power than I do from seeing a pair of basketball goals in some out of the way place."
Author: James Naismith
7. "There is a way to practice hard and be physical without pads. You can still be a physical football team and be efficient in practice without pads. The 49ers practiced like that for a long period of time in the 1980s under Bill Walsh and were extremely successful when all the other teams were practicing in pads."
Author: Jimmy Johnson
8. "Mr. Watras asked me whether I was practicing, and I told him I was practicing my tissue basketball skills."
Author: Jordan Sonnenblick
9. "If you don't like basketball and you're from Kentucky, they'll kick you out!"
Author: Josh Hopkins
10. "When it gets down to it, basketball is basketball."
Author: Larry Bird
11. "I started collecting baseball cards and basketball cards when I was younger. I have a CD collection that turned into a DVD collection, and I have a Jordan shoe collection. And I don't drink, but I have a wine collection. I just started a sweatshirt collection. Every city that I'm in, I buy a sweatshirt. It's just something that I do."
Author: Marques Houston
12. "We Hoosiers hold to some quaint notions. Some might say we 'cling' to them, though not out of fear or ignorance. We believe in paying our bills. We have kept our state in the black throughout the recent unpleasantness, while cutting rather than raising taxes, by practicing an old tribal ritual - we spend less money than we take in."
Author: Mitch Daniels
13. "While I sign off on trades or free agents, I've rarely overruled my basketball people's decisions. But I'm not shy about steering the discussion or pushing deeper if something doesn't make sense to me."
Author: Paul Allen
14. "Life is all about practicing for heaven." p 101."
Author: Richard Rohr
15. "No matter what...ball made my heart beat faster, made me want to jump up and down and be Superman. That's what life was about anyway, being Superman and living like life itself was important. Basketball made my life important."
Author: Walter Dean Myers

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Quotes About Practicing Basketball
Quotes About Practicing Basketball
Quotes About Practicing Basketball

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