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1. "I don't have a very disciplined approach to practicing or anything, but I do tend to have a guitar around most of the time, which I strum on most of the day."
Author: David Gilmour
2. "I clicked the gate shut and slipped down the alley. Through one fence after another, I caught glimpses of people in their dining rooms and living rooms, eating and watching TV dramas. Food smells drifted into the alley through kitchen windows and exhaust fans. One teenaged boy was practicing a fast passage on his electric guitar, with the volume turned down. In a second floor window, a tiny girl was studying at her desk, an earnest expression on her face. A married couple in a heated argument sent their voices out to the alley. A baby was screaming. A telephone rang. Reality spilled out into the alley like water from an overfilled bowl - as sound, as smell, as image, as plea, as response."
Author: Haruki Murakami
3. "It wasn't all spent on practicing, I did do other things! but the classical guitar means a lot to me so I spend many hours building good chops and getting a good program together."
Author: Jim Sullivan
4. "I could care less about sitting around and practicing the guitar for hours a day and trying to be the best guitar player on the planet."
Author: Scott Ian

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Quotes About Practicing Guitar
Quotes About Practicing Guitar
Quotes About Practicing Guitar

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