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1. "How did people raise kids before plastic came along? "Everything for Baby", said the sign over the aisle we were in. It should have said, "Everything for Baby Is Made from Molded Plastic in Ugly Primary Colors."
Author: Dan Savage
2. "I'm a talentless but popular young singer and I have the feeling someone is watching me. I use the term loosely because I have few feelings, and even they're too simple, like primary colors."
Author: Dennis Cooper
3. "Victor Faust did much more than help me escape a life of abuse and servitude. He changed me.He changed the landscape of my dreams, the dreams I had every day about living ordinarily and freeand on my own. He changed the colors on the palette from primary to rainbow—as dark as the colorsof that rainbow may be."
Author: J.A. Redmerski
4. "Novel writing should never be confused with journalism. Unfortunately, in the case of Primary Colors, a fair number of journalists confused."
Author: Joe Klein
5. "…and yet, at the end of it all, a few very broad lines did seem to stick out, like the primary colors in a painting that explain all the confusing blends. And once I had understood my artificial convention, as one understands a convention of the theatre, it was surprising how many adventures did, with a squeeze, fit in their compartments- provided that I chuckled as I did the squeezing and reminded myself that it was all a game anyway."
Author: Joseph J. Thorndike Jr.
6. "The sunny scene looked impossibly vivid, as though painted in primary colors by an artist who hadn't yet learned how to shade; it should trouble him, it really should, that he felt so goddamned alive. Was he never going to learn subtler pleasures? Miss Masters seemed to feel it, too. She wrested free of his hold,skipping ahead a little, then spinning back to face him. Her eyes were as blue as the sky behind her, her hair as bright as the sun; she was not a subtle pleasure herself."
Author: Meredith Duran
7. "Thankfully, God has shown us that hope, in its million different forms, always springs from three primary colors: justice, mercy, and love."
Author: Richard Dahlstrom
8. "I thought Alchemists avoided alcohol the same way they do primary colors."
Author: Richelle Mead
9. "There are not more than five primary colors  (blue, yellow,  red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen."
Author: Sun Tzu

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