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1. "When are they going to stop calling me General?""When are they going to stop calling me Princess?"Han & Leia"
Author: Aaron Allston
2. "Being at home was like a mattress to fall back on with the smallest of peas on the bottom, just large enough to bother the princess. I was damn lucky that I had a place to call home, but I didn't like the feeling of stealing my parents food and being unable to tell them when I could ever afford my own."
Author: Alida Nugent
3. "I went on a long trip through South America with Prince Charles where I was the only journalist there - a couple of photographers but no other writers."
Author: Anthony Holden
4. "Ma fleur est éphémère, se dit le petit prince, et elle n'a que quatre épines pour se défendre contre le monde! Et je l'ai laissée toute seule chez moi!"
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
5. "Dustfinger inspected his reddened fingers and felt the taut skin. ‘He might tell me how my story ends,' he murmured. Meggie looked at him in astonishment. ‘You mean you don't know?' Dustfinger smiled. Meggie still didn't particularly like his smile. It seemed to appear only to hide something else. ‘What's so unusual about that, princess?' he asked quietly. ‘Do you know how your story ends?' Meggie had no answer for that."
Author: Cornelia Funke
6. "The working of miracles is old and out-dated; to teach the people is too laborious; to interpret scripture is to invade the prerogative of the schoolmen; to pray is too idle; to shed tears is cowardly and unmanly; to fast is too mean and sordid; to be easy and familiar is beneath the grandeur of him, who, without being sued to and intreated, will scarce give princes the honour of kissing his toe; finally, to die for religion is too self-denying; and to be crucified as their Lord of Life, is base and ignominious."
Author: Desiderius Erasmus
7. "Trebao sam samo da nadjem jednu koja me nece podsecati na nju. Pogledao sam oko sebe i desilo se cudo. Ni jedna me nije podsecala na nju. Sve su glumile princeze i svetice. Verovatno bi svaka od njih trazila da prestanem cugat', pusiti, da se ponasam pristojnije. Sve bi one trazile da ih drzim kao kap vode na dlanu, da ne zbijam sale na njihov racun. Trazile da ih izvodim na neka fina mesta i slicno. A ona...Ona je prihvatila svaki dio mene, i nikada nije trazila da se menjam. A promenila me. Jedina je kojoj sam uistinu rekao sta osecam. Nije trazila da je drzim kao kap vode na dlanu .Cinjenica da je volim bila joj je sasvim dovoljna"
Author: Ðorde Balaševic
8. "Unfortunately being born princess doesn't autimatically make a girl graceful or confident, a fact I've lamented for most of my fourteen years"
Author: E.D. Baker
9. "The wise old fairy tales never were so silly as to say that the prince and the princess lived peacefully ever afterwards. The fairy tales said that the prince and princess lived happily ever afterwards; and so they did. They lived happily, although it is very likely that from time to time they threw the furniture at each other."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
10. "Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna, and thousands died for it."
Author: George R.R. Martin
11. "Even you, o Princess, in your cold room, watch the stars, that tremble with love and with hope. But my secret is hidden within me, my name no one shall know..."
Author: Giacomo Puccini
12. "The Prince came to give life unto those whose lives were almost being snuffed out by the devil via the cares of this world."
Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
13. "The Prince of Hell shrugged. 'Shit Happens"
Author: Jana Oliver
14. "My dear Princess, if you could creep unseen about your City, peeping at will through the curtain-shielded windows, you would come to think that all the world was little else than a big nursery full of crying children with none to comfort them. The doll is broken: no longer it sweetly sqeaks in answer to our pressure, "I love you, kiss me." The drum lies silent with the drumstick inside, no longer do we make a brave noise in the nursery. The box of tea-things we have clumsily put out foot upon; there will be no more merry parties around the three-legged stool. The tin trumpet will not play the note we want to sound; the wooden bricks keep falling down; the toy has exploded and burnt our fingers. Never mind, little man, little woman, we will try and mend things to-morrow"
Author: Jerome K. Jerome
15. "How wonderful," he purred. "I've been longing to speak to you for days, Princess Cecelia.""And I've been wanting to kick you in the shin for days."
Author: Jessica Day George
16. "I've been here for you all along. I've listened to you cry about other guys, I rescue you, take care of you when you're sick, hug you when you're sad, tell you you're beautiful when you look terrible." He looks me straight in the eyes and is dead serious when he says, "Princess, I've always been the one."
Author: Jillian Dodd
17. "It seeems like so long ago but I'm sorry I yelled at you after the party" "I doubt it'll be the last time" he chuckles."Phillip" "Well, at least I hope it won't be the last time because it would mean you weren't with meI roll my eyes at him. I don't get mad at him often. Just when he disagrees with me. "I'll always love my princess" He smiles."Even when she's mad at me."
Author: Jillian Dodd
18. "Paris and HelenHe called her: golden dawnShe called him: the wind whistlesHe called her: heart of the skyShe called him: message bringerHe called her: mother of pearl barley woman, rice provider, millet basket, corn maid, flax princess, all-maker, weefShe called him: fawn, roebuck, stag, courage, thunderman, all-in-green, mountain strider keeper of forests, my-love-ridesHe called her: the tree isShe called him: bird dancingHe called her: who stands, has stood, will always standShe called him: arriverHe called her: the heart and the womb are similarShe called him: arrow in my heart."
Author: Judy Grahn
19. "I loved Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast.' I just wanted to be her. I'm a brunette, so I think I kind of cling to all those princesses that have brown hair. I just wanted to be them."
Author: Kara Lindsay
20. "Prince Faisal bin Abdullah, minister of education and King Abdullah's son-in-law, adds, "The king's message is that oil is not our first wealth. Education is. We have to develop the people now."
Author: Karen Elliott House
21. "Love!' said the princess. She stamped her foot. 'Why must everyone always speak of love?"
Author: Kate DiCamillo
22. "Her childhood had been magical, hours spent in ecstatic loneliness in the apple orchard, dreaming of foreign lands and wild adventures.. Everything was new, down to bird song and grass blades. By the time she had reached adulthood, the town around her was like a grandmother who had used up all her stories and now simply rocked on the porch. The same flowers, the same streets, year after year. She longed for someone more exotic. A prince. A pirate."
Author: Kathy Hepinstall
23. "The picture of me just after I'd found out Aspen was saving up to marry me. I looked radiant, hopeful, beautiful. I looked like I was in love. And some idiot thought that love was for Prince Maxon."
Author: Kiera Cass
24. "Your face will freeze like that, you know, Kat," Raffin said helpfully to Katsa."Maybe I should rearrange your face, Raff," said Katsa."I should like smaller ears," Raffin offered."Prince Raffin has nice, handsome ears," Helda said, not looking up from her knitting. "As will his children. Your children will have no ears at all, My Lady," she said sternly to Katsa.Katsa stared back at her, flabbergasted."I believe it's more that her ears won't have children," began Raffin, "which, you'll agree, sounds much less—"
Author: Kristin Cashore
25. "Lady Katsa, is it?" "Yes, Lord Prince.""I've heard you have one eye green as the Middluns grasses, and the other eye blue as the sky.""Yes, Lord Prince.""I've heard you can kill a man with the nail of your smallest finger."She smiled. "Yes, Lord Prince.""Does it make it easier?""I don't understand you.""To have beautiful eyes. Does it lighten the burden of your Grace, to know you have beautiful eyes?"
Author: Kristin Cashore
26. "They shall wear elegant and ornamented robes, carry a sharp sword at their girdle, pamper themselves in eating and drinking, and have a superabundance of property and wealth;—such (princes) may be called robbers and boasters."
Author: Lao Tzu
27. "Kitty got up to fetch a table, and, as she passed, her eyes met Levin's. She felt for him with her whole heart, the more because she was pitying him for a suffering of which she was herself the cause. "If you can forgive me, forgive me," said her eyes, "I am so happy.""I hate them all, and you, and myself," his eyes responded, and he took up his hat. But he was not destined to escape. Just as they were arranging themselves round the table, and Levin was on the point of retiring, the old Prince came in, and, after greeting the ladies, addressed Levin."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
28. "And Poppy, remember that someday you will meet a frog who will turn into a handsome prince.""Good," Beatrix said. "Because all she's met so far are princes who turn into frogs." "Mr. Bayning is not a frog," Poppy protested."You're right," Beatrix said. "That was very unfair to frogs, who are lovely creatures."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
29. "Did Cinderella ever consider fessing up to the prince, that night she was enjoying herself in the fancy ball gown? Did she even think of telling him, oh, by the way, Prince, the coach isn't mine, I'm really a filthy little barefoot servant on borrowed time? No. She took her moment. And then went quietly away after midnight."
Author: Lissa Price
30. "Dala by som cokolvek, keby na miesto toho, aby som bola stosedemdesiatpät centimetrov vysokou princeznou s plochou hrudou, som mohla byt stošestdesiatpät centimetrovým normálnym dievcatom s prsiami. COKOLVEK."
Author: Meg Cabot
31. "Cinderella time?' You knw how it is= got to get home before the shoe falls off. No sense tempting any princes"
Author: Melissa Marr
32. "Prince is the ultimate performer. Prince is that dude that's going to get on stage by himself, if he need to, but hold you in the palm of his hand. Like, you can't take your eyes off the man when he's on stage, and he could just be sitting there playing his guitar."
Author: Ne Yo
33. "She [my mother] was the force around which our world turned. My mother was propelled through the universe by the brute force of reason. She was the judge in all our arguments. One disapproving word from her was enough to send us off to hide in a corner, where we would cry and fantasize our own martyrdom. And yet. One kiss could restore us to princedom. Without her, our lives would dissolve into chaos."
Author: Nicole Krauss
34. "Beauty is a form of Genius--is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in the dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. It cannot be questioned. It has divine right of sovereignty. It makes princes of those who have it."
Author: Oscar Wilde
35. "For the Age has itself become vulgar, and most people have no idea to what extent they are themselves tainted. The bad manners of all parliaments, the general tendency to connive at a rather shady business transaction if it promises to bring in money without work, jazz and Negro dances as the spiritual outlet in all circles of society, women painted like prostitutes, the efforts of writers to win popularity by ridiculing in their novels and plays the correctness of well-bred people, and the bad taste shown even by the nobility and old princely families in throwing off every kind of social restraint and time-honoured custom: all of these go to prove that it is now the vulgar mob that gives the tone."
Author: Oswald Spengler
36. "He, the stranger, was speaking to her brother Jesse. The sun was at his back and it shone around him like a golden halo. Even from the distance she could see that he was handsome in a curious way. He was finely dressed and worthily shod. Real pince-nez spectacles of circular glass were perched upon his nose. And his trim form and deignful expression gave him a princely air.Meggie's eyes widened. Her heart beat faster and the blood sped through her veins.A prince. Her prince."
Author: Pamela Morsi
37. "What happens with this being will mean the end of my life, this much is clear, so why does excitement bubble my blood and make my heart roll over in my chest. Life? For him, I will risk it all if he takes me. What is my alternative? To sit and wait for a fairytale Prince charming who will never come?"
Author: Penelope Fletcher
38. "Snowball?"It's white."Meow."It's so girly."This from a guy who named his poodle Princess."his laughter died. "How do you know about Princess?"Your sister told me."
Author: Rachel Gibson
39. "No me mantienes cerca por ser gentil. Si quieres bondad, aquí hay una docena de corderitos que rasgarían la garganta de los demás simplemente por tener el favor de la princesa Dragomir."
Author: Richelle Mead
40. "An introverted, bookish child, with a mass of complexes and her head full of crazy ideals and a childish faith in the beautiful prince who was searching for and would surely find her."
Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
41. "I winced and Caleb stuck his head inside the door. "Everything alright in here?""Yes, prince," my guard said sarcastically as he crossed his arms in the corner. "A needle stick isn't supposed to feel like cherries in springtime."I snorted a laugh. Caleb raised his eyebrow at me with a twist of his lips."
Author: Shelly Crane
42. "It wasn't until a year later, when a young woman with Danish pastries on either side of her head knelt down in front of a walking dustbin to record an important message, that love truly came to town." - p 16 [re: Princess Leia]"
Author: Simon Pegg
43. "I went to Princeton in the fall of 1930 as a half-time instructor."
Author: Stephen Cole Kleene
44. "With the Black Company series Glen Cook single-handedly changed the face of fantasy—something a lot of people didn't notice and maybe still don't. He brought the story down to a human level, dispensing with the cliché archetypes of princes, kings, and evil sorcerers. Reading his stuff was like reading Vietnam War fiction on peyote."
Author: Steven Erikson
45. "She lifts the white gown. "The prince loves white." Her fingers caress the satin. "He had your betrothal gown made just for you."(...) Anger boils under my skin. "Then he can wear it," I snap."
Author: Trisha Wolfe
46. "Farewell best beloved, here at last I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again'.(written on Prince Albert's and Queen Victorias's mausoleum)"
Author: Victoria Magazine
47. "I am the Prince of Wales; and think not, Percy,To share with me in glory any more:Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere;"
Author: William Shakespeare
48. "So the little princess thinks she can beat the big bad King for the position", he almost chuckled"I´ll rip through you like a bull shark as I take my prize"."
Author: Z. Stefani
49. "I'm not a princess anyway so I find that quite weird to be labelled as one."
Author: Zara Phillips
50. "In most movies there is a Prince Charming who rides up and saves the girl."
Author: Zoe Lister Jones

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