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1. "We all have personal brands and most of us have already left a digital footprint, whether we like it or not. Proper social media use highlights your strengths that may not shine through in an interview or application and gives the world a broader view of who you are. Use it wisely."
Author: Amy Jo Martin
2. "Ruin had been the original blueprint and men and women had lived here only in a necessary but intermediate stage of the execution of the grand design"
Author: Angela Carter
3. "JEAN: Ai vazut ce va sa zica bautura: nu mai esti stapîn pe miscarile tale, nu mai ai forta-n mîini, esti ametit, nauc. Iti sapi singur groapa, prietene, te pierzi complet.BERENGER: Nu-mi place alcoolul cine stie ce. Si totusi, daca nu beau, nu merge. E ca si cînd mi-ar fi frica - asa ca beau ca sa-mi dispara frica.JEAN: Frica de ce?BERENGER: Nu prea stiu bine de ce. Nu ma simt în largul meu în viata, printre oameni, si-atunci trag cîte-un pahar. Asta ma calmeaza, ma face sa uit.JEAN: Uiti de tine.BERENGER: Sînt foarte obosit. Sînt obosit de ani si ani de zile. Mi-e greu sa-mi trag trupul pe propriile-mi picioare...JEAN: Asta-i neurastenie alcoolica. Melancolia bautorului de vin...BERENGER: Imi simt în fiecare secunda corpul ca si cînd ar fi de plumb, sau ma simt ca si cum as cara mereu pe cineva în spate. Nu ma obisnuiesc cu mine însumi. Nu stiu daca eu sînt eu. Dar imediat ce beau ceva, greutatea dispare si ma recunosc: devin eu însumi."
Author: Eugène Ionesco
4. "Even the most outspoken of the critics must admit that long before we had print and film media to "spread the word," mankind was engaged in all forms of cruel and despicable behavior. To attribute war, killing, and violence to film, TV, and role-play games is to fly in the face of thousands of years of recorded history."
Author: Gary Gygax
5. "{President] Kayibanda's government [in Rwanda] continued the persecution against the Tutsis and began to make use of the media it controlled to launch a propaganda campaign against us. In a country where more than half the people cannot read or write and very few have televisions, radio is the dominant media. The fact that some newspapers were still printing the truth didn't matter much to the part of the population that couldn't read.Most of the literate people were already politically aware. While an educated person might question what they read or hear from the media, the uneducated tend to accept it. The uneducated are more easily affected by threats and the emotional trauma that propaganda like this can create."
Author: John Rucyahana
6. "In a world of intrusive technology, we must engage in a kind of struggle if we wish to sustain moments of solitude. E-reading opens the door to distraction. It invites connectivity and clicking and purchasing. The closed network of a printed book, on the other hand, seems to offer greater serenity. It harks back to a pre-jacked-in age. Cloth, paper, ink: For these read helmet, cuirass, shield. They afford a degree of protection and make possible a less intermediated, less fractured experience. They guard our aloneness. That is why I love them, and why I read printed books still."
Author: Mohsin Hamid
7. "Juliette Ferrars." A voice detonates my name. There's a heavy boot pressed on my back and I can't lift my head to distingush who's speaking to me. "Weston, dim the lights and release her. I Want to see her face." The command is cool and strong like steel, dangerously calm, effortlessly powerful. The brightness is reduced to a level I'm able to tolerate. The imprint of a boot is carved into my back but no longer settled on my skin. I lift my head and look up. I'm immediately struck by his youth. He can't be much older than me.It's obvious he's in charge of something, though I have no idea what. His skin is flawless, unblemished, his jawline sharp and strong. His eyes are the palest shade of emerald I've ever seen. He's beautiful. His crooked smile is calculated evil."
Author: Tahereh Mafi

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