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1. "Because you're involved with someone," he said. "It wouldn't do you any good if I told you that I got out because I wanted to make you my first priority, that I didn't want to be separated from you any longer. What would it serve if I told you that I'm still in love with you and I would follow you wherever you went?"
Author: June Gray
2. "I guess love is not the priority; you wouldn't fall in love with an empty stomach."
Author: M.F. Moonzajer
3. "Men were created before women. ... But that doesn't prove their superiority – rather, it proves ours, for they were born out of the lifeless earth in order that we could be born out of living flesh. And what's so important about this priority in creation, anyway? When we are building, we lay foundations on the ground first, things of no intrinsic merit or beauty, before subsequently raising up sumptuous buildings and ornate palaces. Lowly seeds are nourished in the earth, and then later the ravishing blooms appear; lovely roses blossom forth and scented narcissi."
Author: Moderata Fonte

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Quotes About Priority In Love
Quotes About Priority In Love
Quotes About Priority In Love

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