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1. "Ïf ye've ever the privelege of seeing a woman in her skin, gentlemen,"he said, looking over his shoulder toward the door and lowering his voice confidentially, ÿe'll observe that the hair there grows in the shape of an arrow - pointing the way, ye ken, so as a poor ignorant man can find his way safe home."
Author: Diana Gabaldon
2. "All those stories need different endings——which is possible because it's my life and I do have the privelege of being able to write the story."
Author: Laura Fraser
3. "Pass on the priveleged, piss on the rest."
Author: Patrick Jones
4. "But Roberto already knew what the Jesuit's real objection would be. Like that of the abbe on that evening of the duel when Saint-Savin provoked him: If there are infinite worlds, the Redemption can no longer have any meaning, and we are obliged either to imagine infinite Calvaries or to look on our terrestrial flowerbed as a priveleged spot of the Cosmos, on which God permitted His Son to descend and free us from sin, while the other worlds were not granted this grace--to the discredit of His infinite goodness."
Author: Umberto Eco

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Quotes About Privelege
Quotes About Privelege

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