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1. "Don't try to be hip or cool. Being open and honest about what you like is the best way to connect with people who like those things, too."
Author: Austin Kleon
2. "Even now, I change my style and clothes from one day to the next, but during high school I blended in. I think a lot of people are that way. I guess that's why I can write about an array of characters."
Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
3. "Oftentimes in a society when people of a certain type, whether individual or a group, are subconsciously portrayed by the media as abnormal, they also slowly, subconsciously become enemies of that society due to feelings of cultural guilt. Ultimately by this the inflated media is an enemy of its very own cause."
Author: Criss Jami
4. "When you start separating people from their rivers, what have you got? Bureaucracy!"
Author: Jack Kerouac
5. "Love is the real power. It's the energy that cherishes. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use it. It brings out your creativity, and helps everyone around you flower. Your children, the people you work with--everyone blooms."
Author: Marion Woodman
6. "How many people could embrace such disturbing imagery?"
Author: Novala Takemoto
7. "I know I grew up in the time when a young man in a baggy suit and slicked-down hair stood spraddle-legged in the crossroads of history and talked hot and mean about the colored, giving my poor and desperate people a reason to feel superior to somebody, to anybody. I know that even as the words of George Wallace rang through my Alabama, the black family who lived down the dirt road from our house sent fresh-picked corn and other food to the poor white lady and her three sons, because they knew their daddy had run off, because hungry does not have a color."
Author: Rick Bragg
8. "Once you've been doing anything for twenty-five years people start to notice you."
Author: Robbie Coltraine
9. "The people who suffer in the Obama economy have been young people, African Americans, Hispanics, single moms."
Author: Ted Cruz
10. "I think I'm too cynical for L.A. My sense of humor doesn't go down well here, which probably affects my love life. I need to have a laugh track following me around so people know I'm trying to be funny."
Author: Teddy Thompson
11. "I think it's the responsibility of a major opera house not only to cultivate debate and get people thinking, but also to be interfaced with things that challenge them. To challenge its audience and not just deliver things that they know, even though some of those things are wonderful."
Author: Wayne McGregor

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Quotes About Procrastination By Famous People
Quotes About Procrastination By Famous People
Quotes About Procrastination By Famous People

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